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Heartwarming / Game Theory (Lyrical Nanoha)

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Game Theory

  • Miyuki is the best big sister ever. Her advice to Nanoha, and teaching her how to fight with a staff to enable Nanoha to protect herself, goes a long way to show how much she cares about her.
  • Fate taking care of Nanoha after the dimensional quake, even though they were still enemies at that point.
  • In chapter six, when Fate comforts Nanoha, who is distraught over being separated from her family.
    • Later in the same chapter, Nanoha's conversation with her mother is very touching.
    • And then there's Fate bringing Vesta to Nanoha so that she wouldn't feel so lonely.
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  • Vesta's devotion to Nanoha is also pretty heartwarming.
  • In chapter eleven, Precia actually hugs Fate, which very powerfully demonstrates just how different she is from her canon counterpart.
    • Also from that chapter, Vesta's conversation with Linith is pretty touching.
    • Chapter eleven in just full of these. The scene with Megane and newborn baby Lutecia, and the one with Tiida and Rizu playing with Teana are both very "dawww" inducing.
  • At the climax of the story, Nanoha once more chooses Fate over Yuuno, and accompanies Precia into Imaginary Space, which is both this and a Tear Jerker.
    I'll see you again someday, and make things right. I promise.
  • In the epilogue, Alicia is successfully revived. Squee!!

Power Games

  • Nanoha's reunion with her family in the second chapter of Power Games.
  • In the third chapter of Power Games, Vita recites a love poem to Hayate.
  • Mei revealing how she turned her life around in the fourth chapter of Power Games. As Quint says:
    You know what? That’s the best thing I’ve heard since the damn Jewel Seed Incident started
  • Chapter 6 of Power Games: Yuuno protecting Nanoha. He knew he'd probably get in trouble for it and it seems like he was at the very least chastised for not trying to convince her to come back to the TSAB in the next chapter.
    • In response to this in Chapter 8, Nanoha thanks Yuuno with a kiss on the cheek and thanks him again.
  • Chapter 9 reveals that Yuuno found Nanoha because he knew her well enough to figure out her habits and that he refuses to give up on her.
    • It's unclear how geninue it was, but Precia's possibly final speech to her daughters and Nanoha. Followed by the definitely genuine last actions of Linith.
  • Epilogue Three:
    • Quint offers to adopt Hayate and the knights.
    • While Nanoha leaves Yuuno behind this time, she give shim a kiss on the cheek and promises to maintain contact with him.
    • Hayate decides to forgive Gil for what he attempted to do, and he offers to attempt to help her with her tome so that the TSAB won't execute the knights.
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    • Rizu and Tiida have started going out.


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