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Heartwarming / Gaemon The Dragonsteel

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Despite being set in Westeros and during the events leading up to the most horrific war Westeros has ever experienced short of either the First Long Night or the upcoming Second Long Night in canon, this fic does have several heartwarming moments.

  • How Gaemon, Laena, and Rhaenyra are in love with each other. Hell, reading how heads-over-heels Laena is for Gaemon after all she's suffered is honestly adorable.

  • Gaemon's relationship with his twin Aegon. Due to his knowledge of canon and earlier maturity, Gaemon pushed Aegon to be a better person. As a result, Aegon is cheerful, very muscular, and practically thinks the world of his younger twin; he even used his brother's notes dragons to tame Sunfyre at an earlier age
    • He later passes these notes on to Aemond, who uses them to gain Vermithor, the Bronze Fury. As a result, Aemond has put both of his older brothers on a pedestal.

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