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This story has several heartwarming moments.

  • Elsa's instinct upon finding that the wight has broken into the castle and apparently attacked a guard is to check that Anna hasn't been attacked either. Even though the two have had a fight due to Anna's misbehavior and sneaking out without permission, her Big Sister Instinct still kicks in.
  • Elsa has several with her new bodyguard Fritz Herman Gudmund:
    • In Chapter 36, Elsa's conversation with Fritz after she sends the lustful guard Samson on his way. Fritz has ended up at the top of a list of staff members to be terminated due to the wight being defeatednote , and Fritz is upset:
    Fritz: I don't understand everything about you - the ice powers and eternal winter and rebellion and monster and all that other stuff, but -I do know that one day, right after the rebellion, you came to me, had those nightmares. Something happened to you, and I didn't do anything about it. I didn't know what to say, I let myself sit there like an idiot...and when we thought Samson died, you came to me again and then you had the anxiety attack, and I was still too stupid [Elsa takes him by the hand]
    Queen Elsa: Fritz, I promise you, I'm going to be alright. I'm the one who hasn't done anything to help you. I was so caught up in my own problems that I never noticed you were hurting inside. But you know what? [She smiles at Fritz] You just made me realize something. I'm not going to keep you as my bodyguard out of pity. I'm going to do it because you have skills none of the other guards have. [Fritz is befuddled] Fritz, you are....kind and caring and sensitive. I won't accept anything less from somebody I'm trusting with my life. Especially after Samson. [Fritz appears ready to cry]
    Fritz: Did...uh...Did Samson....[try to molest you]?
    Queen Elsa: [smirks] Don't worry, he backed off pretty quickly once his lips turned blue. [Fritz smiles weakly] I'm sorry about him, Fritz. Frankly, I'm embarrassed I let trash like Samson onto the Guard. And I'm sorry about what happened to you, too. I was coming to make sure Samson was on board. I hadn't thought he'd attack a person in broad daylight like that.
    [Elsa scowls]
    Queen Elsa: I can't believe I actually mourned him! And Samson wasn't the only one! There have been major discipline problems from all the new staff! Did you know every single one of the guards and one of the maids has made a pass at me?! [Her eyes narrow] It's disgusting! They only want one thing...
    Fritz: [eyes reddening] Um...
    Queen Elsa: My country! They think I'm going to marry one of them so thy can go from peasant to monarch! Come to think of're the only person who hasn't made some ridiculous advance towards me. [puts her hands on Fritz's shoulders] Thank you. I appreciate that. By the way, what was it you'd needed to tell me before?
    Fritz: Um....before I came to the palace, I was just a loser nobody cared about. I screwed up at everything I ever tried to. And...I never felt like anybody cared about me....But then I can here, and I met you, and at first you ignored me, to, but then you did something nobody else has ever done: You paid attention to me. You told me I'm not a loser. And... for the first time in my entire life, I felt good about myself. But...I also saw that you're really hurting, too, and at first I thought I was just-
    Queen Elsa: Oh, Fritz. I feel the same way.
    Fritz: You do?
    Queen Elsa: Yes, Fritz, I know what it's like to feel the way you've felt. To live with it for years. It eats you away inside. never realize how important and special and loved you are, unless you're blessed enough to have someone come into your life and tell you. People can't live their lives alone. We need people to love us. We need....friends! [hugs Fritz]
    Fritz: I—I—
    Queen Elsa: When I said we were friends before, I really meant it. You know that, don't you?
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  • If you think about it, while Fritz's mother may be both an unrepentant child-abuser and the sorcery-equivalent of a racist old grandparent, Fritz still seems to love her and is concerned for her well being. Why else would he seek to visit her in jail multiple times? In Anatomy of a Snowwoman he even asks the guard if his mother could be moved to better living conditions because her mental state is deteriorating with age, in spite of Elsa giving Mrs. Gudmund a life sentence for insulting her and committing violence against Elsa's snowmen.
  • Anders initially is a bit hostile when Elsa asks him to babysit Olaf, to the point that he hilariously decides to leave Olaf's head on a windowsill and lock the lower part of his body in an ice chest. However, when an angry mob storms the castle, Anders, Olaf and a bunch of children take shelter in the castle's dungeon. Anders is panicking because he fears what the mob will do to Elsa, and the children are frightened. Due to his perpetually optimistic mind, Olaf is the only one keeping a level head and he easily comforts the children and Anders with warm hugs and words of encouragement, especially when the normally reserved Anders breaks down crying. It's just as touching as the scene in the movie where Olaf gets Anna's spirits back up after Hans betrays her.
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  • Elsa has been brainwashed by the wight and has cast a second eternal winter on Arendelle and also created a new army of snowmen. But after inadvertently turning Kristoff and Sven into statues, the brainwashing seems to begin to weaken and she begins to realize what she's done and when Brandr appears, ready to kill her, she regains enough adrenaline to take him on.

    Moments from older drafts 
  • In a cut subplot, Elsa is been told by the new leader of the guards, Admiral Klaus, that continuing to employ Fritz constitutes workers' fraud under Arendelle law. He's gone through at least 15 jobs and doesn't meet the qualifications required to be a member of the Arendelle Royal Guardnote . Elsa is told that she can either expel him from the castle and leave him penniless and unlikely to find a new job, or she can marry him. Utlimately, she chooses to legally adopt him, after she sees that Fritz's childhood was even worse than her own:
Queen Elsa: There's something I need to tell you. Fritz, I've gone out of my way to keep you as my bodyguard, but...I've been informed that I can't continue to do that. You were never qualified to be a guard.
Fritz: [dreadfully] What are you saying?
Queen Elsa: Fritz, you came into my life by a strange twist of fate, on the whim of the old Admiral. But...I'm glad you did. I don't want to see you cast out onto the streets. I care about you. I love you.
Fritz: [heart racing] You...You mean...?
Queen Elsa: I talked to your mother, Fritz.
Fritz: You did what?! [He can't believe his abusive mother would be in the same room as Elsa]
Queen Elsa: Fritz, you told me she was a nice woman!
Fritz: Oh, sorry, I, uh, might have forgotten to tell you...she's a little bit senile. So, uh, how is she?
Queen Elsa: She's in prison.
Fritz: Not again!
Queen Elsa: You also never told me she disowned you. And, Fritz, never told me what extent your father...your father... [trails off as she stands up]
Fritz: I, uh....I didn't think it was....Elsa, I... I told you, t's not the same as what you went through! I deserv- [Elsa hugs him tightly]
Queen Elsa: I'm sorry you lived through that. I'm sorry I didn't realize sooner. Fritz, I want you to get better. I love you. I love you so much. Do you realize that?

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