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Heartwarming / Frozen Hearts

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  • Allowyn telling Hans that she believes that she believes he was not merely searching for a kingdom to rule
    "The queen smiled at the chocolate color on her son's teeth, a reminder of when he'd been a little boy. Though not so little anymore, he was still her boy, and she wouldn't give up on him like that, no matter what her other son had told her about how nefarious his plans were and how damaging the effect would be on their land."
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  • Heins telling Hans to take back saying that he wished he was never born.
  • Hans, in a reversal of his well-known Wham Line to Anna, saying that he was wrong, and that she has many people who love her.
  • Heins hears Helena's massive tearjerking story and says that he would never hurt her.
  • The whole of Chapter 17.
  • Hans offering Elsa his hand in chapter 26 when she freezes up in front of Harald and then helping her onto her horse. It's so calming to her that she only realizes a) she's on the horse and b) missing her gloves when he finally pulls away. It really is nice to see Hans go from her would-be murderer to someone she at least subconsciously trusts enough to not freak out at.
  • Chapter 32 has Elsa and Hans making out when he is finally revived.


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