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Heartwarming / Friendship Contract

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  • When nearly all the ponies of Ponyville got together to help the Land of Waves rebuild and recover from Gato's reign.
  • Sweetie Belle sings lullabies for Gaara and generally keeps him company
  • "Twilight sent me a letter asking if there was a spell that could make you a pony forever. She didn't want you coming back here, to that sort of hostility and cruelty. Her friends talked her out of it, eventually, by reminding her of your dreams and ambitions. But you know, if it would have made you happy, we would have done it and welcomed you. You are family to us, Naruto Uzumaki, to Twilight and her friends, to my sister and myself, and anything inside that box can only add to it. You are wanted, and you are loved, and no matter what happens, you have an entire world on your side."


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