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Heartwarming / Friendly Foreign Exchange Student Spiderman!

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  • Traditionally, the Marvel Universe always forces Spider-Man to live through hell and back because he's trying to do the right thing and help people. In the MHA universe? Not only Peter Parker's heroic potential is immediately acknowledged and given the tools to blossom, people believe and assure him that he's not going to be good at it, but he's also going to be amazing.
  • Yu Takeyama offers herself as a guardian for Peter. She didn't know him yesterday, but she couldn't live with herself if she ever let a scared and confused teenager down. She lived through this, after all.
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  • Peter's small memorial to his loved ones. He does not forget why he decided to become a Hero.
  • After USJ training went to hell even worse than canon, All Might personally visits all of the students involved into the fiasco, giving them a pep-talk and walking them through their traumas.
    • His discussion with Peter leads him to gently dispel the teenager's fear to never be worthy from Iron Man's legacy. Tony Stark wouldn't have picked Peter if he didn't think the teen unable to surpass him, and as he believed, so Peter will do, and one day, someone is going to look at Spider-Man and pick the mantle up.
  • The Red Team praises Shinsho Hitoshi for being singlehandedly responsible of the War of the Flags concluded by a tie, and him slightly blushing. After a lifetime of being called out on his villainous Quirk, he's finally the hero of the story.
    • Even better, Pro Heroes Edgeshot and Gang Orca were watching and declare him Hero material, no hesitation about it.

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