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Heartwarming / Frank Turner

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  • The song "Long Live The Queen" was written about a friend of Turner's who died of a drawn-out illness.
  • "Song For Eva Mae" is written about a friend's young daughter.
    Eva Mae, I won't ever judge you hard.
    Just try to be a good girl and make the best of what you got.
    Eva Mae, I will teach you what I know
    and watch over you everywhere that you go.
  • Five years after writing "Song for Eva Mae", Frank made a video on his YouTube channel of himself, Matt and Nigel singing "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid (1989). See here.
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  • All politics aside, "Sand in the Gears".
  • "I Still Believe". A passionate song about just how great rock 'n roll is and will convince you that, despite what people say, rock is not dead.


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