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Heartwarming / Forged Destiny

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  • Jaune reuniting with his family after over a year when he finally returns to Ansel definitely counts.
    Just like that, the tension I'd felt since leaving Beacon slipped away. The fear of my family's reaction pushed aside, at least for now. The rejection, the pain, the anger at my own lies. All of it ceased to matter as I sat at a simple wooden table in a small dining room, on uncomfortable benches with my countryside bumpkin of a family.
    I'd not thought I'd feel this way coming home, but I did. Despite all my attempts to leave, my desperate desire to be more than this, I finally felt at home. Content. I smiled back at them all, lifting my cup to meet theirs.
    "It's good to be back."
  • While it definitely doubles as a Tear Jerker, Cinder’s remorse over her role in the betrayal of Vale definitely counts. After being shown numerous overly-cruel Mistal soldiers, and the self-proclaimed “God King” who orchestrated the whole thing, Cinder’s genuine sorrow at having to follow her liege’s orders is touching. She’s surprised and horrified to find out her King’s plan to wipe out undefended towns as the Army invaded only after it had already happened, and tries to give Jaune and the Hunter’s clemency and her personal protection in the battle. Her grief over the dying Jaune and well-wishes for him in the afterlife are sincerely tender.
    "If there is a life after this, it is my hope you come back as something better," Cinder said. "You, of all people, deserve to be a Hero. More than I."
    Above us, Phoenix warbled mournfully.
    Cinder's skin was warm, or perhaps it was I whose skin was cold. Her fingertips brushed over my eyes, closing them. I didn't have the strength to open them.
    "Good night, brave Blacksmith."
  • Also doubling as a Tear Jerker; in her final moments, Cinder tells Jaune that, despite her failure to convince Mistral's Nobles to accept peace, she'll never do what so many others would do in her place; she won't summon Salem. Her Last Words are spent wondering what might have been had she met Jaune earlier.
  • The Hunters get one of these when they unanimously agree to escape the pressures of Vale, visit Jaune’s family in Ansel, and assist in relief efforts. After several chapters of tense interactions in the group, it’s sweet to see them looking out for each other.

Book 7

  • The scene where Jaune and Pyrrha rescue some survivors from Mistral's attack on the villages. The relief that they can live in peace is satisfying.
  • It's endearing seeing how far Hazel was willing to go in order to ensure that his little sister was able to have a life of her own and attend Beacon.


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