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Heartwarming / Forfeit

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  • The reunion in Eddy's room is a real tearjerker as they realize how much they meant to each other.
  • Sarah forming a genuine bond with Ed by the epilogue is one.
  • A major one for the kids by the end of the story: the murder of the Kanker sisters has caused society to label the Eds as monsters, but the kids, who know what really happened, go out of their way to exonerate the trio, even risking being alienated by everyone else as a result.
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  • A brief scene in the epilogue reveals a photo of Eddy's brother looking downtrodden and depressed, with the word "Sorry" written on the back of it.
  • Another one from the epilogue is when it's shown that Sarah and Jimmy have repaired their relationship; while it's never explicitly said whether they had a Relationship Upgrade or they decided to stay as good friends, it is implied more to be the former.

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