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Episode 2: "Look Before You Leap"

  • Baby Abraham clinging to Henry. As Abigail put it: "I don't think he's going to let you go."

Episode 3: "Fountain of Youth"

  • Henry doing everything in his power to save his friend who contracted tuberculosis and, at his request, taking him outside to enjoy his final days.
  • Abe is tempted to take the "youth drug" not simply for his own benefit, but because he's worried about passing away and leaving Henry all alone. However, he refrains from touching it, saying that he isn't so gullible as to take suspicious medicine, because he's a doctor's son.

Episode 4: "The Art of Murder"

  • Gloria Carlisle spending millions of dollars to preserve a painting by the man she loved, and to spend her final moments looking at it. And she wills most of her money to her maid, the one person who would tolerate her bitterness in her old age. She even approves a love match for her granddaughter, knowing the pain the young woman would feel if denied the opportunity.
  • Henry and Abigail's entire time at the party, leading up to him proposing to her.

Episode 5: "The Pugilist Break"

  • Raoul in general: using his second chance at life to do any good he could, whether by mentoring, volunteering, or working to avoid having the community centre torn down. And it's repaid in turn when the new playground is named after him.
  • Henry insisting that, regardless of his circumstances, the corpse Hansen dismisses as "Another Dead Junkie" had an identity.
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  • Henry working tirelessly to try and help the immigrants whom the careless landowner dismisses as unimportant, even despite being beaten for it, and being given a handmade leather medical bag by one of them.
  • Abraham, realizing how important said bag was to Henry, buying it back at thrice what it sold for.

Episode 6: "The Frustrating Thing About Psychopaths"

  • Henry offering advice to Jo after she kills someone for the first time: "When killing someone doesn't affect you, that's when you've got real problems."

Episode 7: "New York Kids"

  • Crossing over with Tear Jerker, the Meachums' relief at finally learning what happened to their son, having long ago resigned themselves to never knowing.
  • Lt Reece making a special effort to help Jo deal with having shot a man dead in the previous episode.

Episode 8: "The Ecstasy of Agony"


  • Henry comes home to find Abe and his ex-wife dancing to a romantic song. He simply smiles and leaves quietly, obviously pleased to see Abe happy.
  • Though it's soured by later events, Nora's relief when her husband returns to her.
  • Henry hurting his hand punching out a sleazy ex-cop in Iona's defense.
  • Henry finally joining his friends in a night at the bar, and their delighted reactions to this.

Episode 9: "6A.M."

  • Why Pepper Evans wrote the titular song: 6A.M. was the time his daughter was born, the "happiest hour of [his] life".

Episode 10: "The Man in the Killer Suit"

  • Dwight choosing to abandon the con and explain it to Emily in hopes she would forgive him.
  • Abraham meeting an old friend for the first time in over fifty years.

Episode 11: "Skinny Dipper"

  • Henry's therapist delighting in talking to another Brit, though ultimately subverted when he reveals himself as Adam.
  • Lieutenant Reese, Detective Hansen, and Jo vowing to catch Henry's stalker, and Jo claiming never to have believed that he was the killer. That, and the entire precinct taking the matter personally.
  • Everyone's treatment of Henry after he kills the impostor Adam: Hansen tells another officer to let him be and that "he's one of ours", Lucas silently wraps a blanket around him, and Jo quotes his own advice back to him and offers to talk if ever he needs it.
  • Henry acting like a total Papa Wolf. When he first finds the man with the sword in the cellar, his immediate action is to ask where Abe is and to outright demand to know what he had done with him. It is not until Abe shows up and heads for the cellar that Henry actively takes up the fight.

Episode 12: "The Wolves of Deep Brooklyn"

  • Lucas and Jo sorely missing Henry during his time off after the events of Skinny Dipper, with the former counting the time to the hour.
  • Similarly, their delight when he returns to the job.
  • Abe and his friends from the war drinking together in the aftermath of - and in memory of - the murder of the week, putting aside a personal rivalry to do so.
  • Jo covering for Henry's reaction to his guilt and trying to help him cope with it.
    Henry: [Killing someone] is something I'm going to have to live with. Forever.
    Jo: Me too. Can I tell you something, Henry? For me... you make that a little easier. I just... I just want to be able to do the same for you.
  • In the flashback, Henry supporting Abe's decision to go to war despite how much it scares him.

Episode 13: "Diamonds Are Forever"

  • Henry and Detective Hansen both doing everything in their power through the episode to help Jo cope with the memories of her late husband.
  • The priest in Henry's cell helping kill him so that he can escape, despite what had to be fear that he might not actually revive. Additionally, him making Henry promise to make something of his new life, and then seeing, for all intents and purposes, a divine miracle, reassuring him that his path truly served a purpose. All of this, along with the fact he was willing to be seen as a co-conspirator in Henry's escape because he believed he was guided there to help Henry.
  • Jo trusting Henry with her very life, being willing to crash a car with her in it on his word. Also, Henry's relief when she's not seriously hurt.

Episode 14: "Hitler on the Half Shell"

  • Karl doing all he could to return the paintings stolen by the Nazis, rather than potentially selling them for millions of dollars.
  • In his own way, Adam trying to make amends: tracking down a tray from Henry's family's own estate, vowing never to harm Abe due to their mutual time in Auschwitz, and giving him a ledger which includes the names of Abe's birth parents, which he had long since resigned himself to not knowing. Abe is even able to use the information to see a picture of his parents for the first time.
  • Henry's father, in his last moments, passing on the family's pocket watch and saying he knows he has raised a good man.
    • Even better when you think of how amazing it is that Henry has managed to hold onto it for all these years.

Episode 15: "The King of Columbus Circle"

  • Abe makes clear that even though he's using the names of his birth parents to discover his roots, Henry and Abigail are his true parents.
  • Abe researches his newly-discovered family tree, and meets cousins all over the world, before finding something truly astounding: he and Henry are related through Henry's uncle!
  • Lydia, having grown up in foster care, discovers her own family tree and that she's the heir to a royal dynasty. She even meets her father's wife, who is clearly delighted to be able to meet (and pass on her belongings to) Lydia and her son.
  • In the flashbacks, Henry and Abigail delighting in finally taking their honeymoon, made all the more exciting by getting to meet royalty.
    • Relatedly, the heart-to-heart between fathers after Henry saves the young prince's life.
  • Henry and Jo holding Lydia's daughter in turn, even if it's made slightly awkward by her being assumed to be theirs.
  • A small moment, but when Henry reacts with the appropriate customs of the obscure country of the deceased's wife, she's obviously delighted. Indeed, that reaction is probably a large part of why he throws in those touches where he can.
  • Henry putting a blanket over Abe, who has fallen asleep on the couch, and tucking him in as his voiceover talks about one's children remaining one's children "no matter how old they get" is one of the sweet moments we rarely get to see of Henry acting like Abe's father in the present. With Henry being a Supernaturally Young Parent, it's easy to forget their relationship, and these moments bring it home that he's Abe's father.
    "The truth is, each of us is related, it’s just a question of how far back you trace your family tree. Deep down, all of us have shared blood in our veins. And if we’re all related, then all of us have royal blood, which is why each son should be treated like a King and each daughter treated like a Queen. No matter how old our children may be."

Episode 16: "Memories of Murder"

  • Henry and Iona/Molly's interactions all throughout, at least until Henry ruins it by breaking it off thanks to his fear of closeness.
  • Everyone recognizing Henry's scarf as new. It's a small thing, but it shows how well they know him—a far cry from the self-isolation he held himself in at the beginning of the series.
  • In the flashbacks, Henry and Abigail putting off thoughts of their time's progression for at least another night and remembering happier times. Crosses over with Tear Jerker.
  • Abraham deciding against throwing away the recipe book, instead cooking one of the recipes within for nostalgia's sake. And, for that matter, the flashback associated with that nostalgia.

Episode 17: "Social Engineering"

  • Henry and Jo having a heartfelt conversation while lying on a bed. The Ship Tease is only slightly marred by the fact that they're in gas masks and waiting for conditions to become lethal.
  • The newspaper on display in Henry's old workplace.
    Hero Doctor Saves Child From Towering Inferno
    "Thank God for Dr. Morgan," says rescued child's tearful mother.
  • Henry proving, twice, that his ethics are too strong to be undercut by fear of discovery, refusing to falsify a record of death or allow the previous blackmailer to die. Also, thanks to the latter case, the grateful patient helps shore up Henry's fake backstory just in time to save him from being outed.

Episode 18: "Dead Men Tell Long Tales"

  • Over the years, Henry's shared so many of his stories that Abe can name the most notable deaths of any given year almost immediately. Henry may not trust many with his secrets, but it's clear to see how much sharing them with even one person helps him.
  • Henry, it turns out, upon learning of his father's legacy, went about making amends wherever he could, even joining the ship that would ultimately be party to his first death with the goal of freeing the slaves carried thereupon.
  • The results of those efforts: he dropped the key within their reach after he died, and they were able to take the boat, sail North, and live their lives in freedom. In time, Ejiro would even receive a dignified burial—a far cry from how their lives would have been had Henry not intervened.
    Isaac Monroe: And two-hundred years later, one of their descendants could find that ship, tell their story, our story—all because someone dropped a key.
  • In his own special way, Adam pointing Henry towards his best guess at the end they both seek is strangely sweet.
  • Jo taking the next step in moving on from Sean's death by going on a date.

Episode 19: "Punk is Dead"

  • Jo's new relationship is shaping up to be almost sickeningly adorable.
  • Lieutenant Reese instructs the detectives to take special care with the case of the week, having thought it was handled unjustly when she was assigned to it as a detective in the past but not having been able to do anything about it.
  • Also, she considers "bring Henry" synonymous with "be thorough".
  • Henry asks Lucas if he wants to visit a club. Lucas, delighted, hugs him.
  • At the club, when Henry, riding on the victory of having obtained a DNA sample, high-fives him, Lucas is quick to proclaim it the "best night ever!"

Episode 20: "Best Foot Forward"

  • Learning that Jo has "never been anywhere", Isaac sets up a trip to Paris within days.
  • Henry comments that he can tell Jo was with Isaac because she seemed happy.
  • Henry's attempt at an inspirational speech to Valerie, even if it didn't take.
  • The delight Henry shows when describing Paris. From Jo's reaction, it seems contagious.
    Henry: Wake up, start walking — any direction, really — and get lost. Wander the streets until you're so terribly weak that you must stop at the nearest cafe and order something wonderful to eat, and a glass or two of wine. And then set back out into the city. But know that this regimen works best only if done with someone you find very special.
  • When Isaac's opposed approach falls flat to her, she goes to Henry. Tension builds, the music swells... and Abe bursts in.

Episode 21: "The Night in Question"

  • Just about everything Henry learns about Abigail's life in Tarrytown is a mixture of this and Tear Jerker.
    • Her alias was a combination of the names of her and Henry's favorite poets.
    • She planted the same flowers in her garden—Hellebores—that Henry had given her when they first moved to America.
    • She was helping people however she could, working as a nurse and giving those patients who needed it (such as a girl in danger from a jealous boyfriend) a place to stay.
    • She was going to write to him to tell him where she was, having realized that no matter how old she had become she wanted to remain with her family.
    • But before she could, by sheer chance, she treated Adam, and he found out she knew another immortal. Believing that he meant Henry harm - and having seen that he was willing to kill whomever got in his way - she kept him from finding out the only way she could: by giving her own life to save her family.
    • Though he may have been selfishly motivated and was ultimately unsuccessful, Adam did everything in his power to keep Abigail from dying.
    • And now, for all that, they at least have closure, which is more than they had before.
  • Though the conditions when they moved to America may not have been ideal, Henry, Abigail, and Abraham had one another, enough for them both to be optimistic about the life they could build there.
  • When Henry gets a new lead, he invites Jo to "take a trip with [him]". The implications, in light of her cancelled plans, are not lost; in the next scene he openly lampshades it.
    Henry: Just think. You could be in Paris, but instead you're in a Tarrytown emergency room.
  • When she then wonders why he went to Lucas first, Henry clarifies that that was Abraham, and that she is one of the few people he trusts.
  • Ffinally, Jo admits she was worried she might have made Henry uncomfortable going to him after breaking up with Isaac. Henry responds that it would take a lot more than that to make him uncomfortable.
  • For all that they're understandably preoccupied, Henry and Abraham still take the moment to tease Lucas before taking him down to Henry's basement.
  • Lucas, as ever, is delighted to get an insight into Henry's life... if slightly awkward in how he expresses it.
    Lucas: You're a beautiful man. Just when I think you've peaked, you go and take it to a whole new level.
    Henry: [Looks at him oddly]
  • Despite his grief, Henry makes sure to praise Lucas for noticing a detail in the autopsy that Henry, himself, missed. Lucas replies that he learned from the best.

Episode 22: "The Last Death of Henry Morgan"

  • The eulogy Abraham gives for Abigail.
    Abraham: Abigail Morgan was a mother; a wife; a nurse; a friend. But, more than that. For me, she was... she was an angel. She found two lost souls and turned us into a family. Thank you, mom. I love you.
  • Though he knows just how much cause Henry has to hate Adam, Abraham never doubts for a moment that Henry is not a killer.
  • Henry and Jo's conversation in the car alternates between this and Tear Jerker.
    Jo: What am I to you?
    Henry: You're my friend, my partner. You're someone I care very deeply about.
    Jo: But not enough to trust, huh? Here's what you've been to me. You are someone who has frustrated me, and confused me, and made me look at life in a different way. And most importantly, you have made me... feel... again. For that, I will always be grateful. Get out, Henry.
  • When Henry starts to acknowledge his feelings and then cuts himself off, Abraham makes him finish the thought: "You're emoting, Henry. Continue."
  • Lucas, despite knowing full well that he could be fired or even arrested, gives Henry the knife from the evidence room. Henry points out that they will know he did it:
    Lucas: When I started here, I... I just thought it'd be cool to work around dead bodies, you know? Truth be told, I snuck in here a few weekends and made some short films. I'm sorry. But, working with you, I, I now know what's possible with the living. I mean, how many people can say that they've truly witnessed greatness?
    Henry: [choked up, nods and goes to leave]
    Lucas: Besides, "commands are no constraints", right Henry?
    Henry: ...Did you just quote Milton?
    Lucas: Yeah. [Beat] Actually, I looked it up in anticipation of this conversation, I wanted to sound smart.
    Henry: You are smart, Lucas. I'm proud of you.
  • Abraham's relief when Henry finally surfaces in the river.
  • In the flashbacks, Henry sees a burn on the back of Abigail's neck that he recognizes as coming from a cigarette burn. When she tells him who inflicted it, he unhesitatingly calls the man out, heedless of his obvious size advantage.
  • When this gets him killed, he sneaks in to say goodbye to Abraham, but Abigail happens upon him. He starts trying to explain the situation in some manner that won't simply lead to his return to the asylum - until Abigail embraces him, knowing and accepting his immortality and understanding how isolated he must have been to hide his secret.
    Abigail: You poor man.
  • Henry is visibly delighted when Jo comes to the door despite their recent falling-out.
    • And having seen the photo Adam left, she clearly figured out at least some hint of his nature, having an idea in advance of the explanation he would give for the watch's location. Once it becomes clear that she won't be deterred, and with Abraham's encouragement, he prepares to explain his story - possibly the first time since Nora that he's told anyone who didn't already see him die.

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