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Heartwarming / For A Diamond Is A Marveled Thing

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     Country Warps, Take Me Home 

  • Sten and Vendan finally having time to get to know each other and work things out. As a result, Steven feels better than he has in possibly years.
  • Steven wanting to move back to the Temple, with the sentiment that him and the Gems can get to know each other again as equals.

     Shepherd's Crook 

  • Era 3 Gems, apparently, have a soft spot for animals. The goats of the Sky Spire have little blankets and tassels braided into their hair. They have also been leaving trinkets for Casimir.
  • The reason that Steven is at the Sky Spire in the first place- to visit his son, Casimir.
  • Casimir being a Cheerful Child.
  • The idea of Lion and Casimir, who were created by the same power, being "brothers".
  • Casimir has learned to retract his spines so that he can touch things without hurting them.
  • Steven's gifts- a warp whistle and a shepherd's crook- are both intended to give Casimir more freedom.
  • Steven and Casimir spending time together, and Steven teaching him how to play music.
  • Steven keeps all of Casimir's gifts.


     Like A Word, A Sound, A Song 

  • Connie has a period of time where she freaks out about Steven's non-human nature, but resolves to push past it. Eventually, his unusual traits become a source of comfort for her.
  • Connie giving names to the halves of Steven's fusion, helping himselves articulate their own identity.
  • Steven keeps slipping into unfiltered gemsong around Connie, much to his embarrassment. Connie, for her part, likes to hear his true voice.
  • After getting hit by a Gem capture device, Steven's fusion mentally splits slightly, causing Vendan to accidentally front during a call with Greg. Vendan tries to apologize, but Greg asserts that even if he isn't Steven, he's still Greg's son.
  • Steven loves Connie so much his lovestruck laugh literally makes flowers grow.
  • The reason that all those big strawberries are growing on the Gem Battlefield- Rose went back and planted them there, wanting to change a place of death into a place of life.
  • There's something kind of sweet about the fact that kissing is so casual for Gems regardless of caste, and apparently always has been, even during the earlier days of the Fantastic Caste System.
  • Gems can exchange psychic information by kissing. Connie asks to try, and what does Steven send her? Essentially an endlessly looping "I love you".


  • A shrine is built around the Cluster's crater tunnel. Gems have been leaving all sorts of gifts for them, and there's even a kiosk to be part of an audiobook to play to them, like reading a bedtime story.
  • The Cluster was given a name. After thousands of years suffering in silence, they are finally found.
  • The Cluster's song, essentially a triumphant, melancholy tribute to the world they died to protect.

     A Love Affair, But Exit Left 

  • Jasper, over time, growing to have an actual friend and equal in Steven.
  • Steven and Jasper slowly bonding over being Not So Different with their unique situations.
  • Jasper ends up being the one that prevents her and Steven's relationship from becoming destructive, catching the beginnings of Steven's self-destructive behavior and laying out in uncertain terms that she will not enable it.
  • Jasper laying out that every moment she spent with Steven, up to and including declaring him her Diamond, was a decision she made for herself.
  • Steven asks Jasper for help putting things into Lion's mane. As she does, she slowly realizes that these are all gifts, hundreds of gifts, made by Gems for their Diamond. And he kept every single one. Rose used Lion to keep the things she wanted to hide. Steven uses Lion as a place to keep his most valued things.
    • And he let Jasper be alone in there, with his most valued possessions.

     Diamond Drop 

  • In spite of how they last parted, Lars and Steven remained on good terms.
  • A more subtle one, but Asgard's reception of The Off Colors is friendly and respectful, complete with a welcome feast. It's a far cry from how they were treated in the past during Eras 1 and 2. Padparadscha is even described by Thor to be beautiful.
  • Thor truly has learned from the events of his movie, trying to find the more peaceful/diplomatic solution to Asgard's contact with the Gems, even if it means defying his father.
  • Jane spent months under SHIELD trying to develop wormholes- so that she could be with Thor again. Made sweeter when the author points out that this is canon to the MCU.
  • Steven's immediate concern for Thor, politics be damned. If somebody needs help, Steven is going to try.
  • Pink Pearl becoming the Gem ambassador to Asgard. It's nice to see her doing well in Era 3.
    • The cracks in her eye never went away, but they changed- instead of cracks, they've become branches laid with flowers. Her trauma will never go away, but she can accept it and grow beyond it.
    • It's also mentioned that she still keeps in touch with the Crystal Gem Pearl.

     For The Tax Benefits. Also I Love You. 

  • Say it with me, kids- They Do.
  • Connie didn't mean to spring the proposal on Steven the way she did, but the wistful, private moment of the Christmas party basically left her so in love she couldn't not say it.
  • Sten and Vendan taking the time to discuss the proposal amongst themselves. They decide that even if Steven's time with Connie proves to be a Mayfly–December Romance, he should enjoy it while he can.
    • In general, most of Sten and Vendan appearances are this, by virtue of how obviously they love each other.
  • Doug and Priyanka, after the initial panic wears off, avert the Fantasy Forbidding Parent trope concerning the proposal. Once they're assured that Connie fully thought it through, they even become teasing about how unromantic her proposal was.
  • Steven checking in separately to make sure Jasper and Lapis are okay being around each other.
  • Spinel's new form is a minor moment, but Steven's narration notes that she looks loved.
    • In that same chapter, the Diamond's new forms. They've decided to downsize themselves in order to better empathize with their Gems... and then Yellow Diamond gives Steven a hug. Followed by Blue and White. Because now they're all the right size to be on equal grounds with each other.


     Like Halley's Comet 

  • Mr. Multiverse aka Steg, the fusion of Steven and Greg, being so precious to Steven that he's almost afraid to ever become him.
  • Mr. Multiverse meeting Greg's four grandkids. In the order the series was written in, this is the first in-universe confirmation that Steven and Connie have kids.

     Aliens Steal Cable 

  • All evidence seems to point to Gems and humans getting along very well, viewing each other with slightly confused fascination. In general, human/gem interaction looks to be largely free of the usual Fantastic Racism
  • Jenny and Bixbite's AMA:
    • One person asks if the two live together, which no one treats as unnatural or strange.
    • The human questioners automatically moderating each other if a question seems in poor taste/offensive.
  • The human LH liveblogger:
    • The human woke up covered in blankets, stuffed animals, and flower crowns.
    • The Gems doting on the human like a cat.
  • The Passions Of Xanxor article:
    • Greg, it turns out, was famous all along. He had a strong cult following even before Steven was born, and now he's finally famous enough to be a movie composer.
    • Shepherd and Clover, implied to be Shep and Sadie's band, is still going strong.
    • Sour Cream's stage name, SC Yellowkid. He's truly accepted Yellowtail as his dad, enough to incorporate him into his stage name.
    • Jamie finally gets his big break on the silver screen, and is already recognized as a seasoned performer/screenwriter.
  • A Rose Quartz saves a human family from a collapsing building. The family later reaches out wanting to find her to thank her. It turns out she was trying to find them too.
  • The Asteria Diamond AMA, chaotic as it is, stays relatively wholesome. The general public seems very fond of Steven, and Gems in general.


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