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Heartwarming / Flower Knight Dakini

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There's no shortage of sweet and touching moments, with the characters staying strong in the even with the looming threats from above.

Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • While he barely knew her at first, Eiden was so worried that Dakini might have hurt herself by consuming the fire and took her to a hospital. After being thankful she wasn't harmed, he is able to befriend her and lets her add her own touches to his drawing of her.
    • Dakini's act of getting rid of the fire itself allowed the fire brigade to focus on rescuing people.
    • When Dakini sneaks out of the hospital, she leaves a single pearl as payment at the front desk.
  • In chapter 3, after Dakini has calmed down from crying after being reminded about something, the sound of thunder causes Eiden's heart to race and he starts having doubts about whether travelling with her was a good idea. However, Dakini notices him shaking, draws a signal line around the two of them, smiles at him, and holds his hand, calming him down.
  • Chapter 4 has the section where Eiden realizes that he wants to draw Dakini in spite of the strange display of her power.
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  • The page image comes from chapter 5. After waking up, Prakasha is cared for by Eiden and Dakini. Even though the last time she tried to explain why she thought Karacuma might be attacked next didn't go over well, she still tells them and they believe her and offer to help her in any way. Prakasha is so touched, she gives her thanks.
  • During the attack on Karacuma, Eiden finds a brother and sister trying to get to safety, but the brother is injured. Eiden attempts to give him first aid, but he starts crying about how he doesn't want to die. Upon noticing his action figure of Bugsteel Knight, Eiden tries to cheer him up by talking about "The Flower Knight" and how she's going to save everyone, but he accuses him of lying. It's then that the sister picks up his sketchbook and finds his drawing of Dakini smiling. This helps give Eiden the resolve to protect them from the Spider Golem that attacks right after.
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  • As he's escaping Karacuma with Dakini in his arms, the girl from earlier approaches Eiden to give him his sketchbook back, mentioning how much she likes the drawing he did of Dakini smiling and says it's heartwarming. Dakini smiles again, bringing Eiden to tears, as he thanks the girl and takes his sketchbook with him.

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