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Heartwarming / Flight

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For the film

  • Doubles as a Tear Jerker - the moment at the end where Whitaker, not wanting to ruin Katerina's image, finally admits to drinking prior to and during the flight that led to the accident.
  • Katerina unbuckled her seatbelt during the flight accident scene to help a small child.
  • The ending, where Whitaker is moving on, having been sober for a year, and still keeping in touch with Nicole, his ex-wife, and his son. Finally, the son comes to interview him for a college essay, and it's implied that he will finally get to truly know his father.
  • When Whip tells Maggie to tell her son goodbye in case they don't make it. Tamara Tunie really sells it.
    • Truth in Television since many pilots have said one final goodbye to loved ones mere seconds before their aircraft hit the ground and exploded. They did this knowing full well that the black box would record it, and that eventually, their loved ones would hear it.