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Heartwarming / Five Worlds War

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While this fanfic is an action series first and foremost, it is definitely not one to shy away from moments that will make you go "awwwwww." Here are some of those many moments.

  • After the Battle of Red Willow Naruto and Jiraiya have a long talk where the latter finally tells the former he's his godfather, and he apologizes for not raising him like he should have. Naruto tearfully hugs him and tells him it's okay, because he understands the sacrifices ninjas have to make. Jiraiya hugs him back, lightly scolding him for calling him "Pervy Sage" again.
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  • Urouge helping a citizen in Crocus pay their taxes with some of his own treasure just because the latter didn't have enough to cover it.
  • Luffy and Sabo being reunited with Ace.
  • Neji being revived and declaring his destiny is to always protect Hinata.
  • After being told of his true origins by Zeref, Natsu is snapped out of his funk by Luffy, who reassures him that the bonds he made with Fairy Tail and the other Acts of Order were not lies.
    • Then Natsu gets to be reunited with Igneel, who assures him he does love Natsu like a father would to a son.
  • Luffy kicking the butts of Jackal and Jose just because they made Flare and Gajeel sad.
    • Luffy then later offers Flare to become part of his crew so she can never be alone again. And she accepts.
  • Luffy easily accepting Son Goku.
  • Ichigo, Naruto, Luffy, and Natsu becoming best friends.

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