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Heartwarming / Finding Dad

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Aren't they a little young to be dating? Yes. Yes they are.

"I love you, Isabella Marie Garcia-Shapiro. Just so you know. I wrote it down for two reasons: 1) So that you won't forget it. 2) Because I'm not ready to say it out loud yet. But I know that I do, and I know that before this trip is over, I'll probably pull myself together long enough to tell you exactly how I feel. Love, Phineas."
—Love note by Phineas Alexander Flynn to Isabella Marie Garcia-Shapiro

  • The scene where Phineas comforts Isabella over her fear of heights not only has awesome fanart to go with it, but is also so cute.
  • The love confession at the end of Chapter 6 is just so sweet.
  • All of chapter 7 qualifies, especially the kiss scene.


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