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Heartwarming / 50 First Dates

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  • Lucy and Henry marry and have a kid together.
  • "Forgetful Lucy"
  • 311's gorgeous reggae'd-up cover of The Cure's "Lovesong" on the soundtrack.
  • All the things Marlin and Doug do for Lucy every night. To the point of watching the same football game and The Sixth Sense, washing her shirt, refilling her shampoo, painting the workship white, and having a pineapple upside down cake. And they've been doing it for over a year. All because they love her and want her to have a nice day.
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  • The entire premise is a Discussed Trope; Henry and Lucy are explain Lucy's condition to a couple at a party... and the woman is pregnant.
    Woman: So every day you help her to realize what happened... and you wait patiently for her to be okay with it... then get her to fall in love with you again?
    Henry: Yes, ma'am.
    Woman: [hits her boyfriend] You asshole! You don't even open the fricking car door for me anymore!

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