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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • Knowing full well all the shit ahead of them, the scene of Kiritsugu playing with Ilya while Iri watches on is absolutely heart wrenchingly bitter-sweet.
    • Even Kiritsugu is adorable in that scene.
    • Note that throughout the series, Kiritsugu doesn't care what people think of him, as evidenced by his ideological clashes with Saber and his moments of being a Combat Pragmatist. When Illya gets mad at him for supposedly cheating in their game, he sheepishly pleads for her forgiveness.
  • Waver using all his Command Seals to release Rider from his servitude. Rider refuses to leave and Waver breaks down in tears. This just goes to show you that Alexander's bromance transcends time, space, and creed.
    Waver: I don't have Command Seals anymore! I don't want to be a Master anymore! Why do you still want to take me with you? I—
    Alexander: Whether you are or are not a Master, you are my friend, and that will never change.
    • And later
      Gilgamesh: Boy, are you Rider's master?
      Waver: No. I'm-his servant.
      Gilgamesh: But then boy, if you're truly loyal, your duty is to avenge your fallen king.
      Waver: If I challenge you, I will die.
      Gilgamesh: Of course.
      Waver: That won't do. I have been ordered to live.
      Gilgamesh: [after a few moments, Gilgamesh sighs and turns] Your loyalty is splendid! Never tarnish it.
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    • Waver Velvet's loyalty to Alexander is so fantastic that Gilgamesh wishes for it to continue, for it brings beauty to his world. That is respect.
  • Episode 5. El-Melloi finally goes out of hiding to taunt and belittle Waver. Waver cowers in fear, while Iskandar puts a steady hand on his back and turns to address El-Melloi.
    Iskandar: Mage! It appears that you intended to be my Master instead of this boy. Don't make me laugh! Only a man brave enough to ride into battle at my side could ever be my Master!
  • Take a look at Lord Melloi II. Waver is wearing Alexander's colors.
  • Broskander giving Caster's victims a a funeral pyre the best way he can in short notice, since he is ensuring in a way that a dark cold sewer will not be these innocents final bodily resting place. It speaks volumes to his character.
  • Speaking of bromances, Saber and Lancer share one throughout the series, up until his death. Both come from similar warrior cultures and backgrounds, and have similar chivalric codes of honor that they prize and hold themselves to as heroes and knights, meaning that finding a worthy opponent cut from the same cloth like they have is a rare and wonderful thing, and a battle against such a hero is something that must be done with the utmost respect and reverence. Each fight between the two only cements this sense of profound respect and admiration they have for one another, as even mid-combat, they extol praise on each other's fighting style, martial prowess, and the tactics they employ against their opponent. And when the battles of the Grail War cool, or they have a moments pause in their duel, they address each other as equals, and the way they speak of the other to their comrades shows just how highly they regard one another as someone worthy of their skills and respect as a hero. At one point, Lancer even admits to Saber that:
    Lancer: The only thing in this world that grants me peace, is your honor, and your unyielding spirit.
    • This of course, makes Lancer's death by forced suicide through Kiritsugu's manipulation, all the more tragic.
  • Every moment with Kariya and Sakura is adorable. Well, almost every.
  • Surprised no one put this but Gilgamesh's response to Iskander asking him to join him in Episode 23 is an amazing CMOH, considering it's Gilgamesh.
    Gilgamesh: You never cease to amuse me, it's been ages since I laughed so hard at anyone but a fool. But unfortunately, I have had but one comrade, and he is all I shall ever have.
    • The fact that in spite of his arrogance, Gilgamesh has never forgotten Enkidu.
    • Following that, his defeat of Iskander, Gilgamesh remarks that he considers the King of Conquerors a worthy opponent.
      Gilgamesh: Feel free to challenge me again as often as you like, King of Conquerors. This entire world is my garden until the very end of time. Thus, I guarantee you this—it will never bore you. It will always be entertaining.
      Iskandar: ...That sounds very good.
  • Saber takes Iri for a walk in the city after the latter spent her entire life in a castle.
    • Saber and Iri's entire friendship, period.
  • In the anime, that there's a whole episode dedicated to Rin is a CMOH in itself. The way she defends her friend Kotone from the bullies and then her escape from Ryuunosuke is another.
  • The scenes used during the second ED, showcasing the development of Irisviel and Kiritsugu's relationship status going from "Mage Killer and Homunculus" to "Loving Husband and Wife" definitely counts as one.
    • And in case you missed it, the scene in the ED of the two of them going through the forest together is made to look at first like they're walking into the light.
  • In Episode 22 of the anime, Waver's conversation at dawn (after having spent the entire night walking back into Fuyuki City after Saber destroyed the Gordius Wheel) with Glen Mackenzie on the roof of their house where Glen reveals he's aware Waver isn't really their grandson, but he's made the elderly couple so happy (they don't see their real grandkids anymore) that Glen asks him to stick around.
    • And afterwards, he does stick around.
    • It's even more touching when you notice how very similar grandpa looks to Alexander.
  • Episode 25: Kiritsugu finding a young Shirou in the midst of the fire. Shirou's narration notes that it's more like Kiritsugu is the one being saved rather than Shirou. For a moment, all he can say is "He's alive", sounding just so relieved. The final scene of the series is one well-known to the fans of Fate/stay night — Shirou and Kiritsugu sitting outside on a moonlit night. Kiritsugu tells Shirou how he failed to be a hero and Shirou resolves to be the hero the adult Kiritsugu can no longer be. Kiritsugu smiles and comments that "Now I can be at peace." He dies right after that.
    • Even better, the narration during the moment when Kiritsugu finds Shirou is taken straight out of the flashbacks in the Fate/stay night visual novel. It's all the more powerful after Kiritsugu has come to believe that his life was a waste based on a lie that destroyed everything else he loved for nothing. At least he does some genuine good.
    • It's paired with the sun breaking through the clouds above Saber, as if to reassure the viewer that everything will be okay in the end.
      • Unless you remember her fate in the Heaven's Feel route.
    • In the same episode: Kariya is finally taking Sakura home. Aoi turns out to be alive. The Tohsaka sisters are shown accepting him as their father. And then we're brutally reminded that these are just Kariya's dying thoughts.
  • Saber showing a sense of pity towards Kiritsugu the underhanded way he dealt with Kayneth. Despite her anger towards his actions, she's far from harsh when she answers Kiritsugu's War Is Hell speech and is able to see that there was once a person who believed in righteousness.
  • Tokiomi's last scene with Rin and Aoi. It's the closest we'll ever get to seeing the Tohsakas happy.
  • If you're counting out of character moments, the ending of the Einzbern Consultation Room series and it's sudden turn towards a fully self-absorbed ending. Especially the last words between the Grail's Lawyer and Student Number Zero, which makes the normally annoying, depressing, and occasionally funny Tiger Dojo segments of FSN suddenly heartwarming. Zero-chan kept her promise to be an instructor who corrects bad ends and is kind to Ilya... In her own way.
  • Waver looking into the bag with the video game Rider bought early on in the series and finding another shirt like the one Rider wears is extremely touching since Rider is gone. He even goes on to play the game...
  • Ionian Hetairoi is arguably a Crowning Noble Phantasm of Heartwarming, since it's created by Iskander and the armies of Macedonia viewing each other as True Companions to the point they will break reality itself to fight alongside each other. And one of them looks suspiciously similar to.....WAVER himself!
  • In the anime, when Waver wakes up the night after Iskandar's chariot was destroyed, Iskandar is sitting in his room reading by the window by the light of a tiny candle, like he wanted to stay with him but not wake him up. It's cute. And surprisingly considerate considering what Iskandar is usually like.
  • "Daddy loves you, Illya" mixes this with highest-grade Tear Jerker. Kiritsugu feels no qualms coldly denying the Grail in spite of it bearing his wife Irisviel's face. But Illya? The Mage Killer cannot bring himself to be cruel towards his baby girl, even a hallucination of her.