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Heartwarming / Fate Ingens Cor

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  • When Harry learns that Saber is Lancelot and asks him about it, the disgraced knight admits it and expects Harry to be distrustful towards him from then on. To his surprise, Harry reveals that he idolized Lancelot during his youth and was actually envious of him.
    • The reason Harry is envious of Lancelot is because unlike him, Lancelot has someone who loved him in the form of Guinivere. Lancelot admits that is a big thing to envy, and then spends the night telling Harry about his lost love.
  • Most scenes featuring Caster and Luna together could count, given that he seems to be the only friend she has (for now).
  • Lancelot and Artoria's relationship is nothing short of tragedy, yet they have a couple of moments:
    • After learning Artoria was summoned in a previous war and as such isn't bound to compete, Lancelot thanks God for not forcing him to fight his king.
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    • When she walks on Saber and Caster giving each other the smackdown, Artoria is painfully reminded of Lancelot reduced to a mindless, rabid killing machine as The Berserker. Then he talks and she almost cries in relief to hear a sane, rational speech.

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