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Heartwarming / Fantastic Four (2015)

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  • After Reed returns to the group from his year-long self-imposed exile, Ben is understandably angry at Reed for involving him in the incident that mutated him into a rock monster, while Sue only offers a half-hearted apology for helping to track him down and is clearly more focused on a cure than anything else. However, when Johnny reunites with him, the first thing he does is hug him like an old friend and tell him that it's great to see him again.
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  • While building the Baxter teleporter, Reed takes a photo of it and texts it to Ben, with the message "Couldn't have done it without you, buddy!"
  • When this group of previously estranged people come together to build the teleporter from the ground up, we see them warm towards one another (at least, as much as the movie allows them to).
  • The Cinema WINS video on the movie. Goes to show that there are decent moments in such a horrible movie.

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