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Heartwarming / Fantasia 2000

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  • The end of the "Pomp and Circumstance" segment. Donald and Daisy, having spent most of the segment depressed and Alone Among the Couples, experience pure happiness at seeing each other again.
  • The "Rhapsody in Blue" segment. By the end, everyone is happy and has received what they dream of—Rachel gets to spend time with her loving parents, John gets to escape his awful wife and have fun at the club while Duke plays, and Jobless Joe gets a job. All of it being set to the final, always-memorable, Last Chorus Slowdown main melody of the piece is absolutely perfect.
  • The ending of "The Firebird Suite", when the stag helps the newly-reborn forest sprite bring life to the devastated forest, all set to the segment music's awesome finale.
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  • Animated George Gershwin's cameo in "Rhapsody in Blue".
  • The baby whale returning to his mother in the "Pines of Rome" segment.
  • This adaptation of the "Steadfast Tin Soldier" gets a happier ending than the original.
  • The boy who owns the Tin Soldier gives his toy a little hand-hug when it falls out of the fish his mother bought and places it lovingly back in the box, evidently valuing it no less for the defect.
  • For a meta Moment of Heartwarming: The Blu-Ray edition of the movie opens with a brief dedication to the late Roy E. Disney (Walt's nephew). Fitting because due to a lack of influence from Jeffrey Katzenberg, this was the one Disney animated feature produced during The '90s that was entirely supervised by him personally. In fact, it was a very personal project for him because he felt that it would bring his uncle's original vision for Fantasia (which was for it to be a perpetual work in progress, being re-released every year or so with most if not all segments being rotated out for new ones) the closest it ever has been (and most likely ever will be) to being realized.


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