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Heartwarming / Faking It

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  • Karma's speech to the school in "Faking Up Is Hard To Do".
  • The fact that Amy and Karma, despite not actually being lovers, have "a song". That Karma breaks away from Liam in mid conversation to dance with her when it comes on gets bonus points.
  • Karma serenading Amy outside her window.
  • Amy giving Karma her blessing to see Liam, saying it's not a choice "between me and him".
  • Lauren coming out as intersex to her Girl Posse and their very strong support of her.
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  • Lauren and Amy each admitting, albeit reluctantly, that yeah they see and accept each other as sisters.
  • Amy comforting Karma in "Jagged Little Heart", after hearing about the latter's dad having a heart attack.
  • Karma's words to Amy in the next episode:
    "Seriously, Amy, my dad's brush with death just made me realize I need to tell my friends and family what they mean to me. There's only one person in my life who is both. That is you."
  • The finale, of course. Pretty much every important character finds their love but especially Amy's kiss with Sabrina.

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