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Heartwarming / Extreme Dinosaurs

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  • The little bearded alien who helped Bullzeye in "Ick-thysaurus Vacation".
    • Bullzeye later going back to free the bearded alien, along with the other alien captives after freeing the rest of the team.
  • By the end of episode 25, Chedra reveals that she could have gone home anytime she wanted. But she chose to stay because she cared about the earth, and the Extreme Dinos.
    Chedra: I do care about Earth, and...
    Spike: ...And us too maybe?
    Chedra: (stutters sheepishly) Uh, of course!
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  • Things are looking pretty bad for Hardrock by the end of "Have a Nice Daynosaur". But just as he's about to really start moping, he meets Chedra (who looks much like his friend Ardeca). This makes him smile for the first time while on Earth, and it was worth it.
  • In "Dinosaur Warriors" at the end, when the Extreme Dinosaurs (except for Bullzeye since he wasn't captured) save the planet Krat from Queen Zarconda. One of the members of the resistance gives Stegz and Spike a goodbye kiss to thank them for their help. Turns out dinosaurs do blush after all.

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