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  • Despite completely disagreeing with each other. Raven and Apple do truly consider themselves friends and care about one another. Thronecoming really hammers it home when Apple reveals it's the fear of people she loves, like Raven, going poof for not signing that truly motivates her into trying to get Raven to sign the Book. Then when Raven is given a vision of people she cares about being hurt from her decision to not sign, Apple at the fore front, she instantly decides to sign the book.
    • Later when Headmaster Grimm mistakenly reveals that the vision Raven had was fake, Apple chews out Grimm for do something so underhanded just to force Raven into signing the book. While Apple still thinks Raven should follow her destiny, she defiantly doesn't want her into being duped into doing it. Let's not forget that Apple usually has a blind devotion to him so it speaks volumes when she shows how pissed she is at him.
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  • Doubles as a Tear Jerker. Mr. Bad Wolf apologizes to his daughter.
    "Sorry about earlier. You're the best daughter ever after."
  • In Hunter's story, it's revealed that he sneaks out to free animals from the traps his father sets. It's during one of these outings when he first meets Ashlyn, as he quickly (and secretly) creates a nest for a bird she's helping.
  • When Ashlyn and Hunter get back together at the True Hearts Dance. Added points for Apple continuing her friendship with Ashlyn despite her becoming a rebel.
  • On Legacy Day, after her falling out with Apple, Raven looks over at the frozen Rebels and sees Cerise, Maddie, and Hunter all cheering her on.
  • Even though she likes Dex herself, Cupid gave Dexter a good idea on how to confess his feelings for Raven even if he gets tongue-tied around her.
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  • A very subtle one in Maddie's Hat-tastic Party: While dancing, Lizzie looks awkward and maybe a bit self-conscious. Then Maddie tells everybody to dance "Wonderland-style," and Lizzie immediately gets into it with a big smile on her face.
  • Even if it means losing a bet to Sparrow Hood, Daring Charming keeps his promise to Lizzie Hearts that he won't tell anyone about their dragon riding date.
  • The flashbacks of the Grimm brothers' childhood from Thronecoming. Especially when they are racing to the Heart Tree, and Milton stops to wait for Giles to catch up when he trips.
    • Not to mention the ending where the girls free Giles from his curse, after which he goes to his brother and forgives him for cursing him and locking him up all this time. And Milton gladly agrees to make up with him and even hugs him, proving he really was more of a Well-Intentioned Extremist than a Big Bad all along.
  • Dexter and Raven acting all Adorkable around each other in "Cupid Comes Clean...Kinda", and Cupid trying to set them up when she sees Raven likes Dexter back despite her crush on him.
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  • In the pre-school year stories, Raven being a Cool Big Sis to the castle cook's kids and Briar being a Cool Big Sis to her many little brothers.
  • In the diary entry that comes with Cupid's Thronecoming doll, it is revealed that the inspiration for her dress was gifts and heirlooms from her adoptive family.
  • Duchess Swan, of all characters, shows kindness and selflessness after Humphrey saves her tail feathers in music class.
  • Spring Unsprung shows that Kitty for all her pranks and tricks truly loves her friends and being at Ever After High, to the point of standing up and calling out her mother, who Kitty thinks very highly of, for going to far.
    • Seeing Giles and Milton hanging out and playing games is pretty heartwarming, even more so when the Narrators refer to them both as the Headmasters of Ever After High.
    • When Maddie takes a pie away from two teens on a date, because she's looking for Ginger's magic message, she gives them a romantic two-straw milkshake to make up for it.
    • The Reveal that the two opposing narrators are married with a daughter.
    • While Apple acts as an antagonist due to the curse on her, the situation does reinforce that she and Raven have become very close friends. Apple is hanging out with Maddie and Raven quite happily at the opening and closing of Spring Unsprung, and Raven repeatedly demonstrates how highly she thinks of Apple when she tries to remind Apple repeatedly that the Apple White she knows and loves would never do the evil things Apple does under the curse's influence.
    • Alistair and Bunny's relationship. Even without the romantic aspect, it's really sweet to see how much they support each other and watch each other's backs. Just the fact that they've most likely been trying to find ways to lift the curse on Wonderland for a while and getting into crazy adventures together goes to show how much they care and how far they're willing to go for each other.
  • Dexter finally asks Raven to go see a movie with him. While both of them are extremely nervous, (and with Dex, that's really saying something,) the teens manage to have a good time once they confess to having first date jitters.
  • After Raven, Baba Yaga and the others find the Forest Festers, Hunter runs to Ashlynn and gives her a Bear Hug.
  • In Way Too Wonderland: Lizzie finally reunites with her mother, the curse on Wonderland is removed, and the Royal vs Rebel conflict is resolved.
    • Apple had a lot of these moments. She tells Raven that it is her choice whether or not to sign the Storybook of Legends in order to inherit her mother's powers to defeat Courtly Jester. Apple adds on saying that she fully believes Raven can conquer over the evil that comes with them with her goodness. And at the end, Apple declares that the Storybook of Legends is too powerful and should be shelved, in favor of everyone deciding whether to follow destiny or not.
    • It's also very Heartwarming to see that, when the group first end up in Wonderland, while most of them are trying to figure out how they got there and what to do next, Maddie is mostly in the background, looking absolutely ecstatic, even more so than the other two Wonderlandians. It's so sweet to see how happy she is to be home.
  • In Dragon Games we see that like in the books, despite their large differences, Raven and her mother still love each other.
    • A lot of the special shows that despite Apple wanting her destiny more than anything, it pales in comparison to her love for Raven.
  • The Legacy system would never have endured: because of it, the future heroes, damsels, and villains all get to know and respect each other, building friendships. Many of the original resentments that motivated fairytale villainsnote  are simply nonexistent, because they're different people who live in a better world. The characters' own love is what keeps their society from stagnating.
  • In Wish List Ashlynn arranges a plan in setting up a secret party for Farrah, because she wants her own ball, gorgeous gown, and to dance with a prince.
  • One subtle change with the new series opening number: in the first intro when Apple, Briar and Blondie are taking a selfie, Raven just casually rolls her eyes. In the new one, when she looks over to them, she not only smiles, but goes over as if to join them.
  • After Cerise Hood wins the Bookball game, despite the boys previous taunts about 'Damsels being for saving, not for playing bookball', Daring goes over to her at the party, apologizes, and invites her to dance. When she points out there's about a hundred other girls he could be dancing with, his only reply it that he would rather dance with her. This is even more heartwarming for the fact that Cerise is neither a royal nor a damsel, nicely illustrating Daring's Hidden Depths.
  • Crystal Winter's relationship with her parents in Epic Winter. Although clearly hurt and confused by their sudden hostile and uncaring attitudes, she never expresses anger or bitterness to them. Indeed, her whole motivation to find the Roses is to save her parents. Crystal's friends are also nothing but supportive of her during the quest, especially Briar and Ashlyn.
  • A small one in Sleeping Beauty's castle: despite 'double-daring' Briar to touch the spindle, Faybelle is genuinely horrified when Briar goes to prick her finger.
  • Daring volunteering to take on Faybelle's two-hundred years of service to the fairy mob in exchange for Faybelle giving the roses back to Crystal. This act is what turns him human again. The fact that Daring didn't know it would turn him back and that he volunteered simply for Crystal's benefit makes the whole thing even more touching. One of the fairy mob even tell him that they don't see enough of people like him nowadays. Faybelle too is very grateful, even giving him a hug.

The Unfairest of Them All

  • Red Riding Hood tells the story of how she married Badwolf, mostly because he was an extremely terrible liar.
  • Apple coordinating the Rebels and the Royals to work together, proving they can co-exist and she can take charge and make her subjects happy. Of particular note is that Lizzie Hearts, for once, is not screaming "Off with her head!", and is actually a teenage girl for once. (With a real knack for construction, too!)
  • It's a bit twisted, but Raven and her mother really do love one another.
  • Apple and Raven's conversation at the end. There is no rivalry, no war; just conflicting ideologies.

A Wonderlandiful World

  • The normally antagonistic Lizzie Hearts and Kitty Cheshire working with the other girls to save the day.
    • Lizzie slowly warming up to the idea of having friends.
    • Kitty helping get Maddie's dad to safety even though she's scared.
  • Cedar gets to experience being a real girl for a while.
  • Maddie and the narrator's entire relationship. Maddie calls him "my cutie-patootie Narrator" and the Narrator says he's "officially Madeline Hatter's number one fan".
  • Maddie takes over for the Narrator after the Jabberwocky's magic starts affecting him too. At the end, even though she messed with the story a bit by using her narrator powers to send the Jabberwocky home, she gets an award for it.
  • Anytime Maddie's relationship with her dad shows up, from remembering how he'd make tea for her to calm her down when she was little to him distracting the Jabberwock so she can get away safely.
  • Seeing the three Wonderlandians (and Cedar) try to get the other students to safety though they do have to leave them behind.
    • A raven-fied Raven attacking a humanized pig for just thinking about eating an apple-fied Apple.

Other Books

  • Next Top Villain:
    • Duchess taking care of the cygnet.
    • Duchess feeling really bad about sabotaging Lizzie and embarrassing her in front of everyone.
    • When Duchess saves Lizzie from falling and Lizzie forgives her.
  • Kiss and Spell
    • Ginger's mother, The Candy Witch, changed her appearance because she realized that her reputation and typical 'witch' looks scared off any and all potential friends for Ginger. However, Ginger realizes that her mother is miserable when she's all dressed up and looking 'normal' for her sake (not to mention, her cooking is bland and boring compared to what she usually creates) so she tells her mother than she wants her mother to be herself because she wants her to be happy.
    • Despite not being a princess and believing that only a princess' kiss will work, Ginger's kiss is the kiss that reverts Hopper's wish and turns him back into a human, proving that "true love's kiss" really is the most powerful kiss.

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