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  • In 2012, Ireland was losing 4-0 against Spain, and considering their previous defeat against Croatia, meant that they were out of the tournament. However, throughout the match (and the group stage) the Irish fans were the most ardent ones. To the point of, in the last minutes of the match, singing "Fields of Athenry". Can also be qualified as a Tear Jerker.
  • The Geyser Sound made by Icelandic players together with their fans after the surprising win over England. Considering Iceland is a country of 323.000 people, and roughly 30.000 of them were in that stadium, it's a very fantastic scene.
  • In 2016 Final, Cristiano Ronaldo got injured after 5 minutes due to a clash with Payet. He tried to play for a bit but then realized he couldn't continue and started crying. Probably the last chance to win a trophy with his national team, and he was forced to leave the field. However Portugal players kept themselves together and won the thing in the Extra Time, causing Ronaldo to cry again, but this time with tears of joy.
    • The one who scored the goal, Éder, was always made fun of for not scoring goals (especially since he's a forward whose job is to score goals), to the point of becoming a meme, and was, therefore, considered to be a sort of ugly duckling by plenty of Portuguese people). He came on during the second half (of regular time), managed to win a lot of balls and fouls for Portugal, and then, in the second half of extra time, without looking at the net, shot a ball that the French goalkeeper Lloris did not manage to save, earning him a place in history and a massive apology from the same Portuguese people that had made fun of him for a few years. Not bad for someone who came from Guinea-Bissau to Portugal as a child, was raised in a solidarity institution, suffered a ligament tear in 2012 and only started to recover (both in terms of form and in terms of goals) while at French club Lille OSC a few months before the Euros began (after a brief and forgettable spell in the Premier League with Swansea) and had to overcome a lot of adversities.


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