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  • "Don't Forget" has Emiko crawling out of a TV, terrifying the man who was watching it... then she runs past him, out of his house and to Erma's school bus stop, so she can give her the bagged lunch she forgot at home.
  • When Felicia sees Erma's bummed about being unable to scare her, she cheers her up by suggesting she spook the pizza guy.
  • After Erma gets tuckered out, Felicia tucks her in. It's clear that while this is their first night together, they've already bonded.
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  • This strip has Erma offering some sympathy to a certain friendly ghost.
  • Erma giving cookies to The Krampus is oddly sweet.
  • This time Lewis just might not disappear
  • Erma and Connor Under the Mistletoe.
  • This comic has Erma joining some ghosts who are enjoying a Christmas party before paying visits to their still-living loved ones.
  • During a game of dodgeball during gym class, everyone chooses to be on the team Erma's leading, leaving Amy on her own. The coach says that at least one person has to join Amy's team. Who volunteers? Erma.
  • Wallace's Fallout When Erma learns that everything mean said by Felicia was actually Wallace taking possesion of her body, she feels so relieved that she proceeds to break into sobbing as she holds unto Felicia.
    • In the following strip, we have Felicia telling Erma that it's perfectly okay for her to like a child's show and its toys and suggests to watch an episode of Warrior Unicorn Princess with Erma, who soon falls asllep while leaning on her. D'aww.
  • "Sleep Floating": No matter how far and how high Erma drifts away, Emiko is there to bring her daughter home.
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  • Having a family again.
  • The Recounted Days 3/4 has Sam performing recorded interviews with Emiko's family, and they're all forthcoming. And then he reaches Rin, and when she reveals she doesn't live next to the water due to an event, he turns off the recorder and offers to just keep what she wants to say between them. She accepts, and he doesn't reveal what she said in his writings, just that she told him and he could hardly bare it.
  • While everyone else tries to force Mayumi to interact Erma is the only one to quietly go see what she is doing and join her. As a result Mayumi warms up quickly to her niece and the two end up spending a ton of time together.

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