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Heartwarming / Enter the Dragon

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  • When Roper defies If You're So Evil, Eat This Kitten and refuses to kill Han's Right-Hand Cat. Instead he saves it and says "Now you've got eight more."
  • Even though they just met Roper and Lee's talk about their early bet seems like these two are gonna enjoy their fight.
  • Lee and Roper's silent thumbs up after the climax.
  • When the Harem Mistress Tania asks Roper to pick a girl from the group this exchange occurs.
    Tania: Pick one.
    Roper: I already have (Tania).
    Tania: Wise decision.
    • And she follows through on it by acting as his masseuse.
  • A minor but major one. When it's Lee's turn to pick a Harem girl, he insists Mei Ling be the one slyly by using the dart she threw at him during a demonstration as an I.D. mark. Later on Mei Ling laments that each girl in her quarter disappears almost overnight. So had Lee not picked her, she would have suffered the same fate that the other women have at the hands of Han's drug tests.

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