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Heartwarming / Emerson, Lake & Palmer

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  • Several of Greg Lake's acoustic ballads. "From the Beginning" and "Watching Over You" are the quickest that jump to mind.
    • Better yet, "Watching Over You," was written for his very young daughter.
  • The lyrics of "Closer To Believing" are incredibly sweet and reassuring, especially the last verse:
    And if your journey's unrewarded
    May your God lift up your heart
    You are windblown
    But you are mine
  • Emerson and Lake had occasionally turbulent periods in their partnership, dating back as early as Tarkus according to some sources. How, though, did they finish out their last concert? By embracing one another onstage.
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  • One of Keith's Emerson's last interviews featured him expressing his pride in ELP's legacy and work:
    Was I proud of [my work with ELP]? Oh my God, absolutely! Emerson, Lake & Palmer was a great band and I very much admired Greg and Carl. They should be very proud of their part in ELP as well
  • When Keith Emerson and Greg Lake joined with Cozy Powell for their 1986 album, the refrain on the first song doubtless caused some ELP fans to cheer
    It's been so long
    You're Welcome back, my friends
    To the show that never ends!


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