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Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked.

  • There are a lot of Zuko and Iroh father-son moments, but surprisingly, it's Aang that gets one of the best ones in the fic.
    "So... you believe in the Avatar after all," Aang said, half to himself.
    "No way," Sokka snorted.
    Aang's jaw dropped.
    "I believe in you."
  • In chapter 37, Aang puts forgiveness into true perspective, which also doubles as a Moment of Awesome:
    "Being the Avatar isn't about who deserves help," Aang managed. "It's about making things right. The world needs to be balanced again. That means we have to stop the Fire Nation." He swallowed. "And it means I forgive you."
    Tao glanced away. "I don't deserve it."
    "Gyatso said once, nobody deserves to be forgiven." Aang remembered that day, trying not to hurt inside. Guru Pathik had said the Air Nomad's love had been reborn as new love... but it was Gyatso. "I told him that sounded awful. There had to be something somebody could do. But he said no. Forgiveness isn't about them. It's about you." He took a deep breath. "What you said - it hurts. A lot. But you've been hurting too, all this time. And when Boots came and found you... you could have left, and we wouldn't know anything. But you didn't. You came to help us. Even... even when you thought I'd hate you." He bit his lip. "And you knew what Roku did when he stopped Sozin the first time. You know what an Avatar can do when... when we get mad." He swallowed dryly. "You're really brave."
    Tao raised a brow. "Because I dared to face you?"
    "No," Aang said, thinking it over. "Because you didn't stop hoping." He looked at Katara, and her wonder made his heart beat faster. "It takes a lot of courage not to give up."
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  • Chapter 45 has Earth King Kuei in a very awkward and uncomfortable position. His response?
    "If your tribe wants an alliance - we can use your help. We can use anybody's help. But if you want... more than that..." Kuei swallowed. "Would you like to meet my people?"
  • Chapter 47. Azula steps between Ty Lee and Makoto when the Latter throws lightning at the former.
  • Any interaction between Zuko and Asahi. Ever.
  • Chapter 62, the message from Gyatso to Aang. Very sweet and endearing, if yet sad and sorrowful.
    • Any interaction between Gyatso to Aang, especially in the current chapter.
  • Iroh's proposal to Amaya in chapter 53.
    Iroh felt in his sleeve, unaccustomed to feeling this shy. "Perhaps this is not the best time. But if the promise of today holds true, we will remain in danger for some time to come. So there will not be a better time." He let carved wood fall into his palm, gold chain bundled against it; feeling every delicate curve he'd seared into the rubywood disk over the past week. "Lady Amaya. Will you honor an old man with an honest answer?"
    "I would always give you an honest answer, Iroh..." She saw what he held, and stopped, startled. "Oh."
    Don't laugh, Iroh thought ruefully. I can live with any answer but laughter.
    Slowly, she smiled. Reached into her medicine kit, and pulled out familiar red cord. "Did you know Saoluan has very good taste in wine? And a generous heart when it comes to trading for her little brother."
    Dead bodies and mayhem be damned. It was a magnificent day.
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  • The whole dialogue between Sokka and Katara in chapter 78. Goes to show how much of a great big brother Sokka is, how he will always be there to reassure his little sister, protect her, love her, while acknowledging her mistakes and giving some major explanations about things that she really needs to hear.
  • Surprisingly, one between Zuko and Azula of all people in chapter 81.
    "You'll always be my sister." Pale gold was steady. Almost smiling. "And you know where to find me."
    ...Damn volcanic mists. The sulfur made her eyes sting.
  • Pretty much the whole of chapter 91. Fits, being the final one. Also lots of Funny moments, too.
    • Suyin and Jinhai.
    Anybody who comes after my little brother, has to go through me first.
    • Back in Ba Sing Se...
    "Er, let me be sure I understand this correctly." A bit dazed, Earth King Kuei adjusted his glasses. "You want Master Sergeant Yakume to stay?"
    • Zuko's side-by-side double letter to Azula.
    The message was written on plain military paper; not a messenger-hawk's silk or formal parchment. But the precise strokes and careful wording were a dead give-away to anyone who'd suffered through royal tutors' head-pounding efforts at education... and a stark contrast to the quick scrawls of fire-writing appearing in the heat of the flames around the Dragon Throne.
    "Zuko, Lord of Dragons' Wings, congratulates Lord Azula of Caldera City on her ascension to the Dragon Throne."
    • Toph, Katara, Suki, Sokka, Hakoda, and Teruko... ending in:
    "When I'm old enough, you point me at some good sake," Toph said firmly (to Teruko). "I've got some ideas for a cord that won't burn, and I'm going to need somebody who can make sure it's red..."
    • Saoluan, Langxue, and Shirong...
    "One of these days," Saoluan muttered, going at her little brother's singed hair with scissors as the three of them sat on his favorite ledge, "you're going to have to tell everybody the story. Tracking down a centuries-old dragon; you're got the best drinking story and you don't even drink-"
    • And last but definitely not least, Zuko, Iroh, and Amaya:
    "I'm sure Master Amaya will appreciate that," Zuko said warily. What now?
    "Master?" Iroh waved a scolding finger. "Is that any way to refer to the mother of your cousin to be?"

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