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  • When Chavo eats up the entire stock of Doña Florinda's churro stand, Don Ramón decides to take the rap for him. When Florinda shows up at the stand, he says "IT WAS ME!" and braces himself for his punishment. Florinda replies that Chavo already confessed to eating the churros, and adds, with surprising sincerity, that "It's nice to have A Man for a neighbour".
  • In the episode in which Sr. Barriga is finally going kick Don Ramón and Chilindrina out of their house, Quico runs to tell his mother the news in order to cheer her up by reminding her about the departure of her long time enemy. He finds that after all that time, she has grown acustomed to the people around her, even when she doesn't really like them and wonders where those poor people are going to live. She goes on to ask Quico if he would like them to leave the neighborhood, he acts reluctanct to admit it but eventually confesses that he wouldn't.
    • Later in that episode, when Sr. Barriga enters Don Ramón's house to evict him, he finds his photo album and, seeing his pictures as a boxer, he proceeds to tell Don Ramón a sob story about how, a long time ago, he (Barriga) owed a lot of money to some loan sharks. He then went to a boxing ring and happened to see Ramón preparing for a fight, and then he proceeded to bet all his money... on the other guy. Where's the heartwarming in this, you ask? Well, first it's because he decided to forgive Don Ramón's debt based on this story (before mentioning the "betting on the other guy" part). Second, because after he leaves, Professor Jirafales, who happened to be passing by, confronts him because he thought he had heard Barriga never attended any boxing match. Barriga confirms this and, before Jirafales' befuddlement, he adds:
      Professor, if those people leave there... Where will they live?
  • Overlapping with Tear Jerker, in the episode where El Chavo is Mis-blamed for theft, ostracized by everyone and leaves temporarily. It traumatised several generations: seeing everyone calling him a "ratero" (thief) to his face is pretty hard to watch. Made even better or worse by the ending: when El Chavo is cleared, he is talking to his friends about the time he spent away from the vecindad: he had gone to a church and, after being counseled by a priest, he decided to pray to God. Chilindrina and Quico assume he was praying for the thief to be caught, but Chavo instantly corrects them, saying he prayed for the culprit's reformation. The thief, Señor Hurtadonote , overhears this and is so touched that he has a Heel Face Turn and not only returns everything he stole, but he also gets El Chavo a ham sandwich.
    • Add to the heartwarming: When Chavo is all giddy about his ham sandwich, he turns to Quico and shares it with him too.
  • Another one is when Profesor Jirafales tells Don Ramon truly loves teaching and genuinely wants the best for his obtuse pupils. The kids overhear this and they write on the blackboard: "We all love you sir!".
  • Sr. Barriga paid for El Chavo's trip to Acapulco.
    • This deserves to be expanded a bit. After everybody in the Vecindad left to Acapulco, Don Barriga arrives to collect the rent. As usual he gets accidentally hit in the head by the Chaoe, and after admonishing the kid he is about to knock on Doña Florinda's door when the Chavo explains that they all left for a beach vacation. Don Barriga ponders for a moment and decides that it's been a while since his last vacation so he annouces that he too is going to Acapulco and leaves in a hurry, but stops as he is about to leave the Vecindad because he realizes that the Chavo was left behind, alone and sad. He approaches the Chavo, explains that Ñoño (his son) is at the Boy Scouts camp and invites Chavo to go with him. Chavo explodes in a fit of joy, and even breaks the fourth wall to announce the viewers that next week he will see them in Acapulco!.
  • The Valentine's Day Episode: To basically explain, La Chilindrina writes a card to El Chavo, confessing her crush to him and drops it in his barrel. What results is a huge semi-A Midsummer Night's Dream plot revolving around Paty, Godínez, Ñoño , and La Popis. It becomes a rather Tear Jerker when La Chilidrina is heartbroken over the fact El Chavo seemed to be interested in Paty instead of her during the revelation scene, but it goes into a full blown heartwarming scene when Chavo and Chilindrina look at each other, laugh at how ridiculous the situation was before running into each other's arms.
    • It becomes a rather Tear Jerker when you end up learning that Roberto Gómez Bolaños and María Antonieta de las Nieves's relationship turned sour following a legal battle over the rights of La Chilidrina.
  • The episode where El Chavo, la Chilindrina and Quico try to deliver a newspaper to Doña Clotilde. They break into her house, only to find out that she is, indeed, a witch. Or at least, that's what they thought. Turns out they didn't even get inside her house and were only imagining horrible things from her. Once she returns, she gives each of the three kids a lollipop. The episode ends with La Chilindrina and Quico agreeing that Doña Clotilde was never a witch to begin with and they were just exaggerating. Chavo closes the episode by giving a speech about how you shouldn't judge anyone based on their looks, because there is a lot of wonderful people in the world. Everything is forgotten the next episode, but still.
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  • When Don Ramón finds an abandoned baby (Which was actually Doña Clotilde's niece, who was left behind because she took the wrong basket), Doña Florinda offers all the assistance he may need, even though she was described as a Child Hater earlier in the episode.
  • In "Jugando al Béisbol", after another time Don Ramón does not pay his due rent to Señor Barriga, he promises that he will get some money borrowed to pay it. Señor Barriga does not believe him, saying that only an idiot would give him money. After a long discussion involving idiots, El Chavo offers Don Ramón 20 cents, on the grounds that he'd rather be called an idiot than see Don Ramón leaving the vecindad, which leaves them speechless. The very next scene shows Don Ramón trying to teach El Chavo and Quico how to play baseball.
  • In the episode featuring Quico's birthday, Doña Florinda derides the fact that she has to invite so much chusma (riff-raff) children into her home, which also includes, apparently her niece La Popis. Justified, since the kids make too much noise, and El Chavo brought a bag to take food from the party. When Quico is about to blow out the candles, he wishes that next year no one would come to his birthday so he could have all the food to himself, only for Doña Florinda to tell him that she had been thinking it over, and having good things is nice, but one should also share the good times, and things, with friends. Later, el Chavo sits with Don Ramon on the stairs, happily sharing the snacks he brought from the party.
  • When Profesor Jirafales is grading his students' art assignment in Doña Flonda's apartment, Quico asks his mom to give him 10 cookies, Doña Florinda "punishes" him by giving him only 9 for lying earlier. While still in her house, el Chavo had to watch Profesor Jirafales and Doña Florinda eat the rest of the cookies while discussing the issues of poverty and hunger. Later, Profesor Jirafales wants to know who drew him as a wiener, since his nickname is Maestro Longaniza (Wiener Teacher), Quico bribes el Chavo to take the blame with a ham sandwich, and after telling Profesor Jirafales that he made the drawing, he congratulates el Chavo for his artistic affinity, and rewards him with a box of cookies.
  • In one school episode, it is Teacher's Day. All the children give gifts to Profesor Jirafales. This includes El Chavo, who shows his gift last. When Jirafales checks the gift box, he notices it's empty, until El Chavo tells him to look at the box itself. On the bottom, El Chavo had scribbled "I love you". El Profesor Jirafales was so touched by this he told El Chavo it was the best Teacher's day gift he was given in several years.
  • Don Ramón returning to the vecindad in "El Regreso de Don Ramón". Especially his reencounter with Chilindrina.
  • While El Chavo's ocassional reminders of his own poverty and orphanhood are Tear Jerkers, they are also this in how other characters react to them (and before a Mood Whiplash with El Chavo's response):
    • In "Un baño para El Chavo", when he says that, if he took a bath after having breakfast, then he would never tave baths, La Chilindrina offers him to have breakfast at her home, and then take a bath.
    • In "Don Ramón en la escuela", Quico and La Chilindrina say their parents are taking them to school, and that it's what everyone does. When El Chavo starts wondering what orphans do then, both Quico and La Chilindrina offer their parents to take him instead.
  • Following the episode where El Chavo receives full payment rights for working in Doña Florinda's restaurant (thanks to an argument between her and Doña Nieves), it's safe to assume he won't be feeling hungry ever again.
  • The sleepwalking episodes show Don Ramón dreaming about serving some food in a plate and leaving it at El Chavo's barrel so that he can eat.
  • In the "Aguas Frescas" episode, Sr. Barriga accidentally destroys El Chavo's refreshments stand and puts the little boy to cry. Before he starts using his usual cry pattern, Chavo is seen crying for real. After that, Sr. Barriga pays for the stand and Quico, in a fit of jealousy, destroys his own demanding that Sr. Barriga pays for him. And rather than receiving money, Quico receives a therapist's card from Sr. Barriga instead.

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