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Heartwarming / Eight Mercenaries and a Toddler

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  • In a strange kind of way, this Troper sees the Administrator's approval of RED and BLU passing their secret tests of character as this.
    Pauling: Ma'am...did RED and BLU pass their tests?
    Helen: With flying colors, Miss Pauling. With flying colors.
  • All Doves Go To Heaven.

The sequel has several, including:

  • Lizzie and Christian's Big Damn Kiss.
  • Dotty assuming that Sniper and Spy are a couple, and being okay with that. Given the views of homosexuality back then, it's yet another example of how loving and accepting she is.
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  • Chapter 15 when Sniper is in despair over believing that his family hates him, Spy not only patches up his broken hand but tries to convince him otherwise. They spend the next chapter and a half bonding together.
  • Young Medic risking execution to save the life of young Spy in the flashbacks.
  • Spy punching out Jack and an entire bar full of people who were badmouthing Sniper.
  • Dotty comforting Spy in Chapter 23.
  • Chapter 24 detailing how the other members of RED Team spent their holidays, including Demo and Soldier cooking up the Loch Ness Hamster and getting arrested by the local police, Engineer getting to see his wife, Scout playing baseball with his nieces and nephews, Pyro stargazing, and Medic showing up in Siberia on Heavy's doorstep at three in the morning. Heavy doesn't mind one bit.
  • Sniper reconciling with his father.
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  • Spy agreeing to visit again next year.


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