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Heartwarming / Eddie Izzard

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  • Receiving a special award for his Sports Relief efforts.
  • When he describes coming out as a transvestite to his dad.
  • Early January, 2009: when Will Pike, who had purchased tickets for himself and his girlfriend to see Izzard's live show, was severely injured during a terrorist attack in Mumbai and was slowly regaining the use of his legs in a London hospital, his father sent a letter to Izzard, asking if he could send an autographed picture or something to cheer up his son. Instead, Izzard visited Pike and performed his entire stand-up act for him.
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  • His brief discussion of bigots ("Back to Russia!"), and how they are free to be prejudiced behind closed doors and not hurt anyone, and how most people aren't really bothered by his transvestism: "80% of the country don’t really give a monkey’s, they just go, “Well all right you’re a TV, great. I’m cooking eggs!"


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