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  • A couple who couldn't afford to get their own wedding got two surprises when not only a local radio station help paid for their wedding but got Ed Sheeran himself to sing to the newly weds first dance as husband and wife.
  • He removed all the swearing from X because he had a conversation with a cabbie, who told him that he wouldn't let his daughter listen to Ed's music because of all the swearing.
  • Ed's reason for hosting music on Spotify and iTunes? To pay for his live gigs, which he lives for, and he openly admits he doesn't really care about recording on a studio compared to playing live. It's a nice moment, especially when compared to artists like Taylor Swift pulling music on Spotify so they can make more money on album sales.
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  • That one time he heard a fan singing one of his songs at a mall and decided to go and sing with her.
  • In his appearance for The Graham Norton Show's episode 16 of Season 20, Ed, realizing the man on the Red Chair was actually a former childhood friend, was adamant on bringing him to the couch and catch up with him. It even becomes more heartwarming considering he just played his wistfully-nostalgic single "Castle on the Hill"—which was about his childhood friends.
  • The song "Nancy Mulligan" off his third album, which tells the very sweet love story of how his grandparents fell in love in Ireland and ran away to marry despite religious differences. The lines "I never worried about the king and crown/ Cause I found my heart upon the southern ground" and "You know Nancy, I adore ya" in particular stand out. Doubles as a Tear Jerker when you remember he also wrote "Afire Love" about his grandfather's struggle with Alzheimer's and eventual passing away.
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  • Both versions of “Perfect”, especially for someone falling in love for the first time.
  • "Castle on the Hill" is both this and a Tear Jerker, just because it perfectly encompasses what it's like to grow up and to look back on your childhood.


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