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  • Sasori telling Chibaku that he considers him his son instead of just his legacy or apprentice.
  • Kazama and Izanami falling in love and entering a relationship because they both wanted the other to experience true happiness after years of lies and pain. What's even more heartwarming is that they succeeded with Izanami being truly happy after four years of despair, hatred, and loneliness.
  • Kazama, saying that he can send any of the Arashi back home, offers them a chance to do so before they confront Madara. None of them take the offer, agreeing to stick together to the very end.
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  • As he lays dying Kakashi begs Yugito to protect the Arashi clan in his place and use her powers as the Only Sane Woman to make sure the clan doesn't go evil. Yugito accepts without hesitation agreeing to fulfill the dying wish of a man she once hated while giving up a chance to return to her previously happy life all for a dying man and a bunch of severely messed up people simply because it's the right thing to do. Now that is moral character that needs to be admired and looked up to.
  • Kazama and Izanami's romantic relationship started off as purely sexual on Izanami's side of things but when Kazama told her "You're the only one I want," basically telling her that he loved her and only her and he didn't need her zany threesome plans to be happy with her. Izanami almost losing her trolling persona when he said those words really shows how seriously and how committed they are to their relationship on both a subconcious and romantic level. Then Kazama makes it even more heartwarming by promising to commit further to build a real romantic relationship. Given Izanami's bad experience with love previously, those words probably meant a lot to her.
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  • Sasuke telling Kazama he sees him as a brother. Kazama is touched by what he says, and the two hug each other shortly afterwards.
  • Kazama says that he wants to adopt the other 3 original Naruto's as his siblings. Followed by a Funny Moment/Comedic Sociopathy when Chibaku says in front of Kitsune and Naruko that he knows about Kazama "getting close" to Izanami. Kazama tries to kill him with a Rasengan on the spot.
  • Sasuke and Naruko, just by being there, stop Kazama temporarily from his rampage in Konoha, showing how much he cares for his adoptive family.
  • The Dark Wolf growing to care for the rest of the Arashi.


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