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  • The entire reason Olive's reputation as a whore happens—because she was trying to help out Brandon, who was being constantly bullied.
  • Olive's mother comforting her when Olive finally admits to the whole "pretending to have sex" thing.
  • Todd telling Olive that he knows what's going on and that none of the rumours about her are true.
    Olive: "Who told you?"
    Todd: "No one had to tell me. All I know is once upon a time, there was a scared little kid in a closet at a party who wasn’t ready for his first kiss and there was this amazing little girl who lied for him."
  • Olive refusing to kiss Todd in his car, because she wants her first kiss with him to be absolutely perfect...
    • and then the actual kiss at the end, which turns out just how she wanted it, after all the shit she went through - very satisfying to see.
  • Olive comforting Marianne, despite the fact that Marianne has been horrible to her the entire movie. In turn, Marianne genuinely wants to be Olive's friend after this, and immediately changes her attitude towards her. It doesn't last, but it's due to circumstances out of both girls' control.

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