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Heartwarming / Eakin's Hard Reset

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  • Despite having gotten to the same stage many times before, Twilight still pauses to greet her friends near the end, pointing out that "there's always time for a group hug".
  • Twilight's friends rallying around her for the intervention and showing her the ways her PTSD is hurting them, due to her misguided insistance that she shoulder the psychological burden on her own. Based on the first chapter of the sequel if they hadn't Twilight probably would have been Driven to Suicide.
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  • Twilight using one of her loops to come out as gay to her parents, something she's been afraid of ever since a childhood friend rejected her over it. It turns out they already knew, because they found her Porn Stash.
  • Twilight reconciling with Azalea, after the two fell out over the latter's reaction to an alternate Twilight becoming the Changeling Queen.
  • Azalea and Cloud Kicker's conversation after she accidentally admits to having mind-controlled Cloud when she was a Changeling, a mix of this and Tearjerker.
    Cloud Kicker: Get out. Get out of my house. Right now.
    Azalea: (walks to the door, turns around and stops) No.
    Cloud Kicker: I said get out.
    Azalea: And I... said no. I walked away from one pony who matters to me. Not... I’m not going to make that mistake again.
    Cloud Kicker: Azalea, you have no right to—
    Azalea: I know I don’t. I have no right to anything. The ponies I love would be disgusted by some of the things I did. I’ve killed. I’ve whispered a million little lies to ponies who only wanted to love the pony they thought I was, until I used them up and threw them away. Nearly did the same thing to you. You want to hate me? Fine. It is nothing, nothing, to how much I hate myself as I fall asleep at night. It doesn’t matter that Chrysalis was forcing me to do it. I went along because it was the easier choice. Because after long enough, what did one more layer of filth on my soul really matter? I was never going to be good. But then you know what happened?
    Cloud Kicker: What happened?
    Azalea: Well, the Elements, obviously, but more importantly you happened. I was laying there on my living room floor waiting for the pain of transforming into a pony to pass, but it was only getting worse. All that guilt and shame that I’d pushed down as a changeling, and now getting to relive it with a pony’s conscience? It was unbearable. I... I almost didn’t make it. Not all of us did, you know. Ask Kicky. Ask her about the ones that saw everything they’d done and took the cowardly way out. And then the second miracle of the night happened for me. You knocked on my door, gave me a hug, and made me believe everything just might turn out alright. Even when the whole world’s been against me, you and Kicky have saved me in a million little ways you don’t even realize. So you know what? You don’t scare me. You don’t scare me compared to losing your friendship. Because just for a little while, I got to matter. I matter to you. I matter... mattered... to Twilight. And I’m tired of being so scared of what might happen that I run away from the things that can hurt me. So if you want me gone, throw me out yourself. But don’t expect me to go quietly.
    Cloud Kicker: Nice speech. Didn’t hear an ‘I’m sorry’ in there, though.
    Azalea: I’m sorry.
    Cloud Kicker: (wraps her up in a tight hug) Wasn’t that easier?

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