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  • The Ship Tease moments between Hajime/Chiaki and Gundham/Sonia as per canon. Whenever such moments occur, expect lots and lots of squeeing.
  • Makoto and Komaru simply having fun and spending quality sibling bonding time together, something fans have always wanted to see more of in Danganronpa canon.
  • Kaiba's positive interactions with Chihiro, Chiaki and Makoto in general. Seeing just how much the Danganronpa characters bring out his good side makes for one of the main highlights of this fics's crossover nature.

Battle City Arc

  • Chapter 4:
    • Chiaki and Hajime briefly holding hands at the end of chapter, indicating the strength of their bond. And if you understand Japanese culture well enough, possibly express romantic interest.
  • Chapter 10:
    • Even though he's a dick, Weevil getting comforted by Rex to show that they really are good buddies can bring a smile to your face.
  • Chapter 11 has two big ones:
    • The first is the fact that Sayaka is holding a charity drive for a deceased member of her idol group, Miho Nosaka, who fans of Season 0 will recognize.
    • The other is when Makoto wins the event duel against her and her idol group, she's able to play out much of her first free time event from the actual game—before her group ruins it by teasing her—and leading to some very heartwarming Ship Tease otherwise unseen in the series proper.
  • Chapter 13:
    • After their promised duel ends in a draw: Gundham gives Sonia Dunames Dark Witch, blushing all the while. It's adorable.
  • Chapter 15:
    • In a weird way, there is Celeste giving Chiaki a well-needed pep talk after the latter tears over remembering her past. While she does admit that it was to ensure that she and Chiaki duel on even grounds, as well as how she has no problem emotionally toying with people during a game; it is the gesture that still counts.
  • Chapter 19:
    • Hiyoko locks herself in the bathroom when Mahiru refuses to take her with her to go pick up Serenity from the hospital. Akane of all people is the one to go check up on her to make sure she's all right. Having one of her rare moments of competence and concern that actually seems to affect Hiyoko. But, of course, this being Hiyoko she still treats Akane like crap. However, narration makes it clear she's still moved by Akane's actions, even letting her guard down long enough to cry into her chest.
  • Chapter 21:
    • A minor but still noteworthy scene: Serenity, who is still blind at the time, is reassured by the presence of Mikan since Mikan has a kind voice and she's a nurse. When Mikan has to leave the scene in order to attend to Bakura's injuries, Serenity tells Mikan she'd like to meet her again to properly thank her when she can actually see her. Mahiru kindly says to Mikan that she made a friend and Mikan is practically overjoyed to the point of tears. The scene probably could've gone longer, but Bakura reminds everyone, by coughing, that he's losing blood and needs to see a doctor.
  • Chapter 23:
    • For anyone who ships Makoto with Mukuro, the latter commenting on how the former's hand is a warmth she's never known before likely falls into this category.
  • Chapter 28:
    • Amidst the tear-jerking scenes that shows just how much her talent for gaming caused Chiaki to be distanced from others, including her parents, we get an all-too familiar scene from canon from her perspective: That being the scene where she bumps into Hajime while playing her "Gala Omega" game which formed the strong friendship (and eventually romance) between them, followed by Chiaki connecting with the rest of her classmates resulting her reigniting her passion for gaming.
    • This chapter continues laying down the ship fuel for Chiaki and Hajime. After Bakura sends Hajime to the Shadow Realm and forces Chiaki to play a game that will give any Danganronpa fan severe PTSD for Despair Side Episode 10, what's her primary concern after she wakes up from passing out after she wins? Hajime. And upon seeing him okay, bolts from the ground and hugs him and starts crying and sputtering gibberish while trying to tell him how scared she was. Heflebedebwe indeed, Chiaki. Heflebedebwe indeed.
  • Chapter 29:
    • Makoto asking Kaiba for an autograph. At first, Kaiba thinks it's out of pity since he heard Makoto complimenting Yugi, but Makoto's enthusiastic talking about how Kaiba inspired him to start dueling and is his hero proves him wrong. Touched, he readily agrees to the autograph.
    • When Hajime arrives with a slumbering Chiaki on his back, Kaiba of all people immediately dashes over to Chiaki's side to check on her (albeit in his usual Kaiba manner).
    • Not too long after Hajime and Nagito get into a rocky start, Ibuki, Gundham and Sonia are quick to reassure Hajime that they do not think any less of him and immediately offer their hands of friendship to him.
  • Chapter 32:
    • Mahiru Taking the Bullet for Celeste just when it seems like Marik was going to send her to the Shadow Realm: Keep in mind that prior to this moment, the two girls barely know each other, much less even talked to one another. And yet here Mahiru comes protecting someone who is basically a total stranger to her from suffering a Fate Worse than Death simply out of pure altruism. Never should it be denied that [[Team Mom Mahiru Koizumi] is always looking out for others.
    • And for that matter, the Pharoah declaring to Yami Marik that regardless of everything Celeste has done to them, in the end he still considers her a friend and someone worth protecting from the latter's wrath. This declaration is enough to even move Celeste a little, triggering her later levels of kindness.
  • Chapter 33:
    • Mahiru suffering post-traumatic stress from being sent to the Shadow Realm is a bit chilling, but the reassurance from her friends, especially Serenity, that she's going to be all right brings a smile to one's face. Celeste jumping in and giving an I Owe You My Life speech also helps.
  • Chapter 34:
    • The ending of this chapter brings us probably the cutest ship tease ever in regards to Gundham and Sonia. After winning back her Darklord Morningstar from Mai, Gundham enters the medical bay where Sonia lays comatose because of her duel with Marik. He then undoes the hand wraps on his left arm and caresses Sonia's face before immediately replacing the wraps. He then puts the card he won in her hand and clenches said hand around the card before leaving without a word to her, stating only to himself that he still wants to rule the world, but together, with Sonia. That feeling? That's the feeling of your heart melting through your feet.
  • Chapter 35:
    • Mukuro watching Makoto's duel with Ishizu with genuine ernest and joy: Never before has the Ultimate Soldier felt so happy with herself in her life.
      • After Makoto's victory over Ishizu, Mukuro then makes a note on her memo pad: "Congratulate Makoto Naegi on his Battle City Finals victory." If that doesn't make you dawww, I don't know what will.
  • Chapter 37:
    • The flashbacks at the beginning of the chapter gives us such sweet moments of how Chiaki and Kaiba first met, and how a (sort off) friendship developed between the two:
      • Despite maintaining his aloof and stern personality; Kaiba finds himself enjoying their duels and is even softening up to Chiaki's kind and gentle demeanor, even giving her some words of encouragement in regards to her problems, showing her respect all throughout their interactions and even parting with her on good terms.
      • Chiaki on her end expresses genuine appreciation of Kaiba's efforts; giving him honest feedback, stating how his efforts are a mark of his determination and his love for the game. She also expresses understanding of his situation regarding his rivalry with Yugi - not as a way of being morally right, but because she was simply looking out for him. It says something when Kaiba does not react to her talks the way he does with Yugi and his friends.
      • By the end of these flashbacks, Kaiba even notes to himself that maybe his good side is not completely lost forever.
    • As Kaiba hesitates to declare the finishing direct attack, in fear of Chiaki's safety; the rest of the spectators take notice and wonder what is holding Kaiba back, which leads Mokuba to reveal to them how Chiaki has had a positive effect on his brother along with how he speaks of her with a much more positive demeanor compared to others. This leads to Yugi stating that even if Kaiba may deny it, his heart has already considered Chiaki a friend.
    • The last scene of chapter will also make you melt: Chiaki wakes up, after getting direct attacked by Obelisk, to the sight of her suite, which she hasn't been in all tournament since she's been in medical, and finds Hajime waiting up for her to make sure she was all right. After she leaves, she admits to herself that she thought about asking him to cuddle with her, but thought it might be a bit much. It's, honest to god, absolutely adorable.

Virtual World Arc

  • Chapter 40:
    • The Ship Tease between Joey and Celeste continues here, with Celeste choosing Time Wizard as her deckmaster and even chiding to herself on how much Joey has affected her.
  • Chapter 44:
    • Mai being protective of Komaru throughout their time in the virtual world and during their duel against Nezbit, Ms. Cool Big Sis at her finest everyone.
    • Throughout the duel, Ibuki and Komaru's admiration and respect for Mai touches her heart causing her to remember how she used to act before meeting Joey and the others and realizing how all these people around her are changing her views on friendships for the better. This leads to her engaging in a aduel equivalent of a trust-fall with Ibuki which helps lead towards their overall victory.
  • Chapter 47:
    • Noah's fierce exclamation that if the Big 5 even think of hurting her, he'll delete them in seconds. Spoiled kid he may be, but there's no denying he does care about his Only Friend.
    • Everybody reassuring Miho they haven't forgotten about her in Chapter 47. They'd have every right to be mad at her, after she kidnapped Tristan and tried to trap him forever, but they aren't—not even Joey, Tristan's closest friend, or Tristan himself! They genuinely miss her, feel bad for what she's gone through, and promise her she has a place by their side. And when this makes her start crying? A massive group hug ensues. Awwwwwww!
  • Chapter 48:
    • When Noah pulls a Sadistic Choice on Makoto, telling him who to choose among the heroes to be turned to stone; Joey immediately volunteers himself, placing his faith that Makoto will win.
      • And for that matter Mai Taking the Bullet for Joey and being petrified in his place, and Joey telling her never to do that again because she means too much to him.
    • Kaiba feeling proud of Makoto after he defeats Noah and ruffling his hair will definitely make your heart melt.
  • Chapter 49:
    • As Gundham and Marik's shadow game continues, Gundham feels himself reaching to his limits as he starts doubting whether he can actually defeat Marik. Just then he hears Sonia's voice encouraging him to keep fighting, this gives Gundham a boost to his resolve as he takes his showdown with Marik to the next level.
    • Upon seeing Izuru in the flesh, Chiaki starts going down the Despair Event Horizon thinking her talent drove Hajime away again like it did so many others. Fortunately Nagito gets to her by telling her that if Izuru is still acknowledging Hajime's presence, then he could still be saved. This results in Chiaki getting her resolve back.
      • And on that matter, when the three-way duel between Chiaki, Nagito and Izuru starts; Nagito surprises Chiaki by telling her he's not dueling with her simply so that he can foster her hope, but doing so as an equal.
  • Chapter 50:
    • When she's about to lose, Chiaki runs forward and hugs Izuru. She proceeds to sob into his chest that she knows Hajime's still in him, and that she wants to save not just Hajime, but both of them. She begs him to let her, listing off all the things she wants them to do together. She then ends with a statement that it doesn't matter who he is, but that either way he's her friend. What's the next thing Izuru says? "I end my turn."
    • Also, Izuru returns her hug. He's very surprised, but he returns it. It's the "Izuru cries over her body" moment all over again, but in a much happier context.
    • Chiaki apologizes to Izuru when she's about to win and tells him she hopes they can meet again. Despite everything his existence implied for Hajime, she holds no grudges and really meant what she said earlier in her speech.
    • Chiaki and Hajime's reunion. She tackles him with a hug and then tries to tell him she loves him, but the de-synchronization of their avatars drowns her out. ...But he understands just fine, says them back, and they almost kiss before waking up.
    • Hajime resolving not to throw away his future and just stay himself. He's finally become happy with who he is, and the best part is he didn't have to go through all of canon to get to that point.

Battle City Finals

  • Chapter 56:
    • Chiaki and Mikan checking up on Kaiba after his loss to Yugi. The former delivers an awesome Get Ahold Of Yourself Man speech that pulls him out of his depression, reminding him that he has a lot more in his future than just beating a rival and that he has friends who care about him. The latter just wants to see if he's alright and if there's anything she can do to help, pulling him into a semi-Cry into Chest (he doesn't cry, but he does emotionally feel better). Then, when she asks again if she can do anything to help, he actually accepts, and they go about putting his trashed room back in order.
  • Chapter 57:
    • During his duel with Marik, Hajime sustains so much mental and emotional damage he briefly falls into the Shadow Realm. While he's there, he starts hearing voices, encouraging him to get up and keep fighting. Sonia and Gundham, whose souls were trapped there, showed up to help their friend! Awww. But even better, Hajime hears a third voice, which confuses him because it sounds like his own. That heavily implies Izuru was helping him too.
    • Everybody waiting by Hajime's bedside for him to wake up, after his defeat of Marik. They're all just so happy—even Yami holds no resentment over his destiny being lost, just remarking it'll be nice to have a stakes-free championship duel. Speaking of, since Hajime was out for hours, Yugi should have won by default, but Kaiba chose to make an exception for him.
    • There's also something weirdly cute about Kaiba getting dozens of phone calls from parents, asking him to postpone the finale until the morning, so their kids can watch it.
  • Chapter 58:
    • Hajime reveals he's going to turn down the Kamukura Project offer, since he's finally okay with being him. Since that will mean he has to go back to his old high school now that he can no longer pay for Hope's Peak's educational fees, Chiaki promptly offers to pay for his tuition out of her own savings.
    • Yami apologizing to Hajime for his initial aloof and prideful behavior in regards to thinking only he was destined to defeat Marik. Hajime on his end simply takes it as water under the bridge as the two start things over.
    • The entire fact that this duel is just one where both contestants are having fun. They're smiling, they're complimenting each other, it's just a good time. It's exactly what Yu-Gi-Oh should be, which makes it even nicer that Yugi, for once, gets to have a championship duel that doesn't have the fate of the world riding on it.
    • With the tournament now officially over, Mahiru and Ibuki pull everyone in for a group photo. Even Kaiba and Byakuya get tugged in, and though they try to look sulky, they're still considered part of the group.
    • Hajime and Chiaki cuddling together at the end of the chapter is bound to extract a few "awwwwws".
  • Chapter 59:
    • During their confrontation with the Steering Committee, when Kaiba adds to the idea of making the "Ultimate Duelist" title an annual thing (with Hajime being the one for Class 77), he also briefly mentions how Yugi would be a good candidate for the title for the next batch of students. Showing that despite and animosity and differing views; Kaiba does indeed hold a lot of respect for this greatest rival.
    • Chiaki and Hajime finally sharing their first kiss, cementing their Relationship Upgrade to Official Couple status.

Orichalcos Arc

  • Chapter 72:
    • Chisa and Kyosuke being all lovey-dovey with one another upon Chisa and her group's arrival to America. It really does show that prior to the Tragedy that plagued their series in canon; Kyosuke was every bit of a kind and idealistic man that Chisa and Juzo know him for.
  • Chapter 73:
    • Despite the encounter being anything but heartwarming: There is Nagito genuinely praising Rebecca's talents, even considering her to be worthy of becoming an Ultimate.
  • Chapter 77:
    • Mukuro thinking fondly about Makoto, clearly having not forgotten her meeting with the boy and the warm feelings he made her feel. It is possible that this is what incited her to rescue Kaiba from his crashing airplane after hearing about how much Makoto idolized the young CEO.
    • During his duel with Natsumi, Joey shows further on what a true Ultimate Big Brother/Sibling he is by expressing his dedication towards his sister Serenity: Explaining the lengths he went through just to give Serenity a chance for a highly successful future that he never had for himself. He even admits that even if the two go down separate paths, even if he ends up doing nothing but collecting garbage while Serenity is heading a corporate office; he will always support her all the way.
  • Chapter 78:
    • Chisa continues to show mercy towards Hiyoko, hoping to reach out to her as well as deliberately delaying the duel to ensure the duel ends in a draw (so that neither one of them loses their soul). Many people (including some of Hiyoko's classmates) would have called it quits and given up on her by now, but not Chisa in spite of all the insults and opprtunities Hiyoko throws at her. Just goes to show just how much Chisa really does look after her students as if they were her own children.

Canada Nationals

  • Chapter 86:

  • Chapter 87:

  • Chapter 88:
    • Rex reveals that he is dueling to uphold Weevil's legacy. As despicable a guy like Weevil was, it is still nice to see that he did have people who cared about him after all.
    • During Rex's flashback: We see that nobody is even willing to give Rex the time of day, nor even donate anything to his cause, until Makoto of all people shows up to donate and give Rex his sympathies and words of encouragement. Even if it is still a far away time before he realizes it: The Ultimate Hope has already been doing what he does best long beforehand.
    • After Joey defeats Rex, Rex takes his defeat with a lot more pride and grace with the two boys even chumming around afterwards. Seems like things really can change for the better.

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