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Heartwarming / Drillbit Taylor

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  • Drillbit looking out for Wade, Ryan and Emmit while posing as a substitute, including a montage where he lets them know when Filkins is approaching. He also lets Wade know that Brooke has been cast in Romeo and Juliet and in the next scene we see Wade painting a piece of scenery and smiling as he gazes in Brooke's direction.
  • The picture of Wade, Ryan and Emmit under Drillbit's "wing".
  • Wade, Ryan and Emmit all turning up to fight Filkins all wearing the same shirt that Wade and Ryan in particular were embarrassed wearing on their first day.
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  • Despite Drillbit revealing himself to Lisa as a homeless man pretending to be a substitute teacher and who got sent to prison for his part in robbing Wade's house, Lisa doesn't give him up and even runs into his arms upon his release from prison at the end.

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