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Heartwarming / Dragons Rioting

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  • The pledge of brotherhood between Rintaro, Kousuke and Tamao. Sure, the later two are sleazy perverts and rather selfish, but they invited Rintaro as a friend since they were some of the few guys in the school, Rintaro actually got angry at and approached a girl who drove a wedge into their friendship, and then the two did a Dynamic Entry to help him out against said girl when she attempted a sneak attack, leading to said pledge of brotherhood. They're probably the first real friends he's made in quite a while.
    • Later Rintaro gets another one with another boy at their school Marokichi who just happens to have been born with disease that causes Hulking Out when confronted by being aroused.

  • Kyouka gets one for being the first girl to properly hold Rintarou's hand. She gave him a happy smile when she realized it, being the only girl to know about his condition.
    Kyouka: "Hey Rintarou. It looks like you can touch me just fine."
    • Also, not laughing or making fun of Rintaro's disease as he had feared is another one. Rather, she accepts it and even tells him about her own past so that they both know something private about the other.

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