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Heartwarming / Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

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  • The Dragon's Heartbeat by Randy Edelman, so uplifting and inspirational it has been used in countless trailers in the 2 decades since its writing.
  • Watching Bruce Lee training and recover from back injurie while playing with baby Brandon. Awww...
    • Even more so when we see baby Brandon learning to walk... while Bruce laughs and walks on his hands to keep him company. Too cute for words.
    • Every scene that Bruce bonds with his children. It reaches Tear Jerker levels considering Brandon had died not long before this film's release.
  • The scene where Linda's mom visits — their first time seeing each other since the "yellow babies" scene — to see Brandon. Linda is immediately spiteful and bitter — "Did you come to see me? Or did you come to see the yellow baby?" — but as Linda's mom decides she should leave, Bruce calls out: "Brandon! It's Grandma! Grandma's come to see you! Come on in, Grandma! There's someone you ought to meet. Come on." So Linda's mother comes in — though Linda still doesn't look pleased — and holds her grandson. Clearly moved, she coos at him and tells Bruce and Linda how handsome he is — by then, everyone is beaming.
    Mother: [to Linda, tearing up] You did good, sweetheart. You sure did good. Gosh, yes. [to Brandon] Look at you!
    Bruce: [to himself] Brandon, you're a strong one. Only you could do this.
    • Even if it was Brandon who reunited Linda and her mother, if Bruce hadn't been so gracious and compassionate as to welcome "Grandma" with open arms despite what she had said to him, it might never have happened. Ever.
  • Linda's monologue at the end. Overlaps with Tearjerker.
    Linda: All these years later people still wonder about the way he died. I prefer to remember the way he lived.

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