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Heartwarming / Dragon Blade

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Heartwarming pages. Proceed at your own risk.

  • Toushiro asks Midoriya to never lose his smile.
  • Aizawa finds Toushiro in the middle of a panic attack and comforts him, telling him he is safe. He tells Toushiro that he does not have to pretend everything is okay, and that what happened was not his fault. It is the first time Toushiro calls him Aizawa-sensei.
  • Todoroki genuinely thanks Toushiro for saving his life.
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  • Bakugo helps pull Toushiro out of a panic attack in his own Bakugo way.
  • After a long life of people rejecting or fearing him because of his appearance and other "unnatural" things about him, the students of Class 1A accept Toushiro for who he is. It doesn't last as they reject and mistrust him after he kills All-for-One.
  • Midoriya and Todoroki stand up for Toushiro and stop Endeavor from shipping him off to a mental asylum.
  • Toushiro reveals the truth to his friends, thinking they will never forgive him and will see him as a villain. Instead Bakugo and Midoriya voice their support for Toushiro and stubbornly refuse to be scared away. Toushiro accepts they'll never give up on him and insists Midoriya never call him by his title.


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