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Heartwarming / Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F

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  • The scene where Android 18 shaves Krillin's hair. It's a small moment, but it's nice to see.
    • 18 expressing admiration for her husband as he flies off to battle, remarking that he's "so cool". It dips into being hilarious, given how unusual it is to see her gush, but it's also nice to see how much she admires her husband.
    • There's another, more subtle bit in this moment: The fact that 18 actually let Krillin go instead of her, despite both agreeing that she was more powerful. Whether she does this because she respects Krillin's request that much, or because she wanted to give him the chance to fight alongside his friends, this action shows just how much she's developed emotionally.
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    • Given how she usually appears cold towards people, this is one of those special moments where you see 18 showing she truly does care.
  • Another small moment: Piccolo is Pan's babysitter. He probably doesn't want to be there anyway and was even relieved when Videl and Gohan return home, but it goes to show how much Gohan changed him over the years.
  • While to some, it may be Squick, Mai callings Trunks her 'boyfriend' can definitely be seen as this. Mai, Pilaf, and Soba/Shu are everyone's favorite Harmless Villains who just can't catch a break, but Mai and Trunks interactions were cute in Battle of Gods. The fact that the entire gang has the mentality of children anyway just helps.
  • Just the fact that Shu uses the second wish at the start of the movie before Sorbet can. For all their villainy, it's actually kind of nice to see the Pilaf gang get what they've earned, even if it was just a wad of cash.
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  • For years, Frieza’s empire has spanned across galaxies as he had enslaved billions and destroyed hundreds of planets. But with his first death and King Cold as well, the inhabitants managed to gradually rebel against his empire and now that he has been defeated for good this time and his army utterly destroyed, all the people he had tormented and ruled over are free at last.
  • During their arrival and subsequent battle with Frieza, several powerful blasts are sent towards Bulma and the Z Fighters. Vegeta deflects every one of these, including one fired directly at his wife and later Krillin, who was flying over to give Goku a Senzu bean. He may still be a Jerkass most of the time, but Vegeta makes it clear to Frieza that Earth and its inhabitants are under his protection now.
  • In spite of everything he is and the things he's done, Frieza of all people beautifully surmises the kind of person Goku is... in his own way.
    Frieza: Despite all my heinous proclivities on Namek, Goku still couldn't will himself to destroy me. He's a noble man of great moral clarity. So pure it makes me want to vomit!
  • Vegeta, in his own round-about away summarizing why he chose to protect Goku. He appreciates their rivalry because Goku brings out the best in him. He's come a long way from just wanting to assert his dominance.
    • There's also the fact that after Goku was taken down, Vegeta called Krillin over to feed him a senzu bean. Remember that Vegeta's original approach to fallen comrades was to blow them up while laughing maniacally.
  • Jaco coming to Earth to warn about Frieza's impending invasion in spite of being terrified by him.
  • After Beerus scolds Goku for being so careless and not killing Frieza outright, Whis turns back time and gives Goku a chance to finish the tyrant and save the Earth. Though he justifies this action by wishing to continue eating tasty food from Earth, it seems that not only this motive is here.


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