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Heartwarming / Dracula

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Original Bram Stoker Novel

  • The villagers Johnathan meets at the beginning of the novel are all clearly terrified for him when he tells them he is going to Dracula's castle. One woman in particular presses a crucifix into his hand as he leaves. And that gift does end up protecting Johnathan from Dracula later.
    Villager: For your mother's sake!
  • After Mina falls to her knees in terror when the holy wafer burns her, her husband Jonathan throws his arms around her and holds her before, one by one, their friends each promise to save her until they all form an impromptu circle of clasped hands and pledge to be true to one another. This is the definition of True Companions, folks!
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  • Jack Seward is alone at night recording his phonograph diary. The pain of recent events becomes so hard to bear, he thinks he'll need to take some morphine to get him through the night... but firmly decides, no, he won't take it because he's thought of Lucy and doesn't want her associated with that in his mind.
  • Mina comforting the heartbroken Arthur after Lucy's death.
  • It's morbid as well, of course, but when Dr. Seward demands to know how Renfield knew he wanted to marry someone, Renfield laughs at the pointlessness of the question and tells Mina that all of the patients make sure to know everything that concerns the doctor they love and admire.
  • "She is God's true dead, and her soul is with him."
  • Renfield is horrified when he realizes that Dracula has been feeding off Mina. His desire to help protect her is so strong that when Dracula tries to enter the asylum again, Renfield actually attacks him and tries to physically restrain him. He does a damn good job of it too, only failing when Dracula uses hypnosis to weaken him. He ends up mortally wounded for his efforts. Keep in mind that Renfield had until now been a madman utterly obsessed with obtaining more life, yet he willingly put himself in harm's way to protect an innocent who had shown him genuine kindness. Oh Renfield, you really earned that redemption.
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  • Lucy's handling of her multiple suitors. She turns away everyone except Arthur, remains very kind to all of them, and they all are able to remain friends. In a letter to Mina, she wishes women were allowed more than one husband because she hated making them unhappy.
  • After Lucy is bitten a third time and the vampirism enters its final stage, showcased briefly when she suddenly asks Arthur to kiss her in a seductive fashion, she comes back to her senses after Van Helsing prevents him from doing so and as a final request, asks Van Helsing to take care of Arthur. Van Helsing sincerely swears he will.
  • The epilogue, which takes place seven years after the climax; Mina is free from the curse, she and Jonathan have had a son, whose collective namesake is Van Helsing, Arthur, Jack, and Quincy. And Arthur and Jack have since gotten married. Although, not to each other.


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