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Heartwarming / Down Periscope

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  • After the Stingray eludes the Orlando by going silent, Dodge asks Stepanek why he didn't give away their position, since the Stingray losing the wargame would definitely get Stepanek reassigned from submarine duty (his stated goal). His reply?
    Stepanek: That would've been unethical, sir. I'm only out to screw myself; that woulda screwed everybody.
  • After the wargame is over, Winslow makes good on his promise to Dodge: he arranges for Dodge to be assigned as the commander of a brand new, top of the line nuclear submarine, the goal that Dodge has been working towards his entire career - "and this time with a proper crew." Dodge's reply: that he could not have won without his current crew, and doesn't want to leave them.
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  • Lt. Lake's professionally inappropriate response to Dodge's method of giving her the confidence necessary to be an effective diving officer

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