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WARNING: Spoilers Off applies to Heartwarming Moments pages, per wiki policy.

Episode 3

  • Hyakkimaru can't speak, hear or see but still shows he cares about Jukai-sensei by touching his face in affectionate manner, the only way he can communicate.
  • Jukai-sensei breaking into Tears of Joy after he finds the infant Hyakkimaru and sees that he's trying to suckle, because it's a sign that he still wants to live.

Episode 5

  • Mio and her orphanage. She takes care of the children orphaned or even crippled by war that's been going on all too close to the run down temple they inhabit. She even takes care of Hyakkimaru after he injured by a monster.

Episode 6

  • Being able to hear is still very alien feeling to Hyakkimaru, but he enjoys listening to Mio's song.
  • Mio tells Hyakkimaru that she feels uncomfortable with the fact that he can see souls because hers must be filthy. In response, he caresses her face with both hands.
  • Dororo and Mio's interaction where Dororo calls Mio admirable for being willing to prostitute herself to sustain both her and the orphans. Dororo goes as far as to put Mio on the same level as her mother who took up any job (except prostitution) to feed herself and Dororo.
  • Dororo's Cooldown Hug to Hyakkimaru in middle of his Roaring Rampage of Revenge. It works, showing that even though Hyakkimaru originally viewed Dororo as Tagalong Kid, he started to care about her along the way.
    • This works the other way around too as having Dororo as not so Annoying Younger Sibling around has humanized Hyakkimaru a great deal.

Episode 7

  • The budding love between a human and a spider monster.
  • Hyakkimaru's first laugh. It's a barely audible, dry chuckle. Dororo is split between being mad because Hyakkimaru laughed at him or just going all awww because her big brother laughed for the first time.

Episode 8

  • Hyakkimaru finally speaks his second word. He smells a flower for the first time and hands it over to Dororo, calling her by name for the very first time.
    • Dororo doesn't even realize it at first as she was so used to Hyakkimaru being silent, so she just takes the flower and agrees that it smells nice. Then realizes what happened.


Episode 9

  • Hyakkimaru attempting to care for Dororo and find help after they stop following him.

Episode 16

  • Hyakkimaru decides to put his search for his stolen body parts from the demons aside to find Dororo. It shown he still cares for Dororo after what happen from the previous episode.

Episode 17

  • The reunion between Jukai and Hyakkimaru is very touching indeed. Even more so because Hyakkimaru can hear, talk, feel and smile now.
  • A bit dark, but Hyakkimaru's smile and nuzzle into Jukia's hands as the man calls him terrifying. Justifiedly so as Hyakkimaru just finished off several monsters and is dripping wet with their blood.
    • Jukai still falls into some parental habits. He tries to stall Hyakkimaru with food, blows on the bowl of porridge before handing it over and and wipes the boy's mouth without a pause.
  • When Hyakkimaru asked for Jukai's name, as he never get to know it, Jukai was about to tell him, but was unable to because of his dark background. Hyakkimaru comforts him by saying that he knows who Jukai is, his "Mama". Mimicking the way Dororo called her mother as he did so. Jukai tears up and stops feelings guilty over whether he did the right thing by raising Hyakkimaru.
  • Jukai warns Hyakkimaru that there is no reason to go back to the world and paying for his body in blood. In the end, he will be alone anyway. Hyakkimaru raises his hand to about Dororo's height and says that someone, who is usually with him, is not here right now. Jukai realizes he is not alone.

Episode 18

  • Hyakkimaru arrives just in time to save Dororo from Jiromaru. Then he pinches the kid's cheek to tell him everything is okay. When Dororo reacts with Flat "What", he cups her face with his hands and pulls her close so their heads touch and he rubs his forehead against Dororo's, who jerks away and gets mad at him. Hyakkimaru tells her he came for her. It doesn't take much for the waterworks to start afterwards, despite Dororo's best efforts.
  • Hyakkimaru test his new leg with Dororo's help.

Episode 20

  • Those two really got into acting like a family by now.
    • Hyakkimaru plucks a fruit from a tree for himself and then hand another to Dororo, who tears up over this display of care.
    • Dororo tells Hyakkimaru that he has changed from when they first met. That unfortunately also means that Hyakkimaru now cares about Dororo so much that he panics when she is about to drown and he can't do anything about it.
    • Hyakkimaru appears to be especially protective and emotional about Dororo in #20, which might because of his development as a person or the lingering trauma from #19 where a ghoul controlled his body and caused him a whole lot of trouble including forcing into nearly strangling Dororo.

Episode 22

  • The moments with Dororo and Hyakkimaru's mother Nui are very sweet. Dororo really misses her mother and is instantly attracted to Nui when she rescues her. During the rescue, she hides Dororo underneath her dress to keep her from being seen by the guards. After the guards leave, Dororo is shown to be embracing Nui very closely and she happily accepts. She even holds Dororo's hand to keep her safe while they make their escape.
  • Nui herself is also revealed to be a very kind and gentle person outside of Daigo's presence. After she and Dororo were rescued by some villagers, she decides to volunteer to tend to the wounds of the injured in the village.

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