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Heartwarming / Donovan's Reef

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  • Donovan comforting Leilani after she breaks down and runs away, believing (rightly) that she has to pretend not to be her own father's child because she isn't white.
  • Amelia recounting her bonding with Luke during her first night on the island. It's also the beginning of her defrosting from ice queen.
  • Leilani offering a traditional prayer to the goddess of the canyon to thank her for the Christmas tree. When Amelia patronizingly inquires if she believes in all those ancient spirits, Leilani tells her she's a Christian but still honors the customs and traditions of her ancestry. She says this in a voice that tells you she's explained this many times.
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  • Amelia and Dr. Dedham meeting for the first time and accepting him as her father. A stark contrast to what she said earlier when she told Donovan, "If all fathers are like you it certainly makes me glad I've never met mine!"
  • Father Clutzoe becomes very depressed during the rainstorm during the Christmas service and retreats to a Corner of Woe. Sarah walks over and shares her umbrella with him, helping him cheer up.
  • Amelia revealing to Leilani, Sarah, and Luke that she's learned she is their half-sister.
  • A meta example: As John Ford's age was preventing him from handling all aspects of the film, John Wayne stood in as an assistant director as a favor to his friend.

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