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  • All through Number 12, the Doctor keeps getting Twilight's name wrong. Then in Part 2, Twilight is captured and there's no choice but to let her be taken away. As the Doctor is comforting her letting her know that everything will be alright, he finally gets her name right.
  • Partway through Number 12( Part 2), Twilight expresses exasperation over how the Doctor crashed into the Library. The Doctor promises to make it up after they're done. At the end, the Doctor makes good on his promise and repairs and restocks the entire portion of the library he destroyed.
    • And then to prove that the TARDIS can time travel, the Doctor gets Twilight a gift. a Smartypants doll.
  • In Chords of Chaos, the Doctor combines his sonic screwdriver with Twilight's magic to briefly reunite Dorian Mode with his deceased lover Lydian. Lydian manages to remind Dorian of his love of Prance and encourages him to move on.
    • Later, after Dorian nearly drowns from flooding the catacombs of Prance, Lydian returns to help Dorian hang on to life. He lives.
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  • All throughout the Pony of the Opera/Chords of Chaos episode, Madam Kazoo constantly complains about her Henpecked Husband Sergeant Kazoo. When Kazoo is incapacitated trying to attack the Big Bad, she shows genuine worry for him.
  • From Wrong Way Backwards Part III: "Permission to Hug?"
  • In Last Light the Doctor, who ended up in Omniva's last day of existence by a complete accident, nevertheless stays with her as she fades, telling her stories.


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