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Heartwarming / Doctor Who Magazine 456-461 "Hunters of the Burning Stone"

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  • This Magazine comic brings back some of The Doctor's first companions ever... Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright. Who, after an understandable amount of confusion (having left The Doctor before learning of his ability to regenerate) slowly come to accept that the young man piloting the TARDIS is in fact the same as the old man they traveled with before.
    • The Doctor's appeal to Barbara.
    Barbara: Who are you?
    Doctor: (with a smile) Barbara Wright...The school teacher who became an Aztec god. Who braved the Gobi desert with Marco Polo. Who dined with Nero as Rome burned... Do you really not know me?
    Barbara: (stunned silence)
    • Later The Doctor is able to overcome a psychic assault with the memories of the moment when Ian first persuaded the Doctor not to kill someone. The Doctor tells Ian he inspired him to be a better man ever since. Ian then reassured the Doctor that he was a good man, and the two finally reconcile.
    Ian: You're a legend, alright, but not a dark one. You've been a thread of hope running throughout human history! Doctor, if you learn anything from me, learn that! I want you to see yourself through our eyes! Accept what you truly are...and forgive yourself.
    Doctor: (sheds a tear, then smiles) Come along Chesterton. Let's go save the world.
    • The best part comes at the end, especially if you're an original series fan. Ian and Barbara get married, with The Doctor as the best man.

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