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Heartwarming / Divine Blood

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Crowning Moments of Heartwarming for the Divine Blood fanfic.

I haven't included stuff I pretty much copied from canon, if you feel it needs to be there, though, go ahead.

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    Kaname Chidori 

  • Apologizing to Eija that no one visited her in the hospital and then deciding to take her and Sousuke on a shopping trip.

  • Accepting Eija and Sousuke after seeing how blood-marked they are to Eija's death sight.

  • Providing morale support and encouragement in the fight against Poseidon


    Mizuki Inaba 

  • Her retaliation against Nodoka Saotome

    Sousuke Sagara 

  • Cheering up Eija by asking her advice on how to deal with the situation that was bugging her.

    Deimosu Satomi 

  • Re-defining the Kuno Numbers' names, starting with Yaku Go.

    Ranma Satomi/Ranma Saotome 

  • Talking to Deimosu after finding him in the Labyrinth.

    Kyoko Tokiwa 

  • Subtly suggesting to Naiki to look for someone else as a significant other.



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