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Heartwarming / Digimon Universe: Applimonsters

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In General

  • It's easy to miss, because the full version of the song never plays in-show, but the second verse of the first opening, "DiVE", begins with the line "the butterfly from that day is still riding on the wind", in clear reference to Butter-Fly. Considering it's the first Digimon series without any songs by Wada Kouji, this might double as a Tear Jerker.


  • Eri became an idol singer so she could make others smile and share the feelings she experienced with others.
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  • Episode 7 when Astra and Musimon meet. They had fun times together until Astra remembers the high expectations placed on him by his father. Deciding some things in life are impossible, he walks away from Musimon. Musimon cries out encouraging Astra to follow his heart, and Astra runs back to Musimon. Astra makes the choice to follow his own path and even gets his father's approval to pursue becoming an Apptuber.
  • The Ship Tease between Haru and Ai in the Christmas episode/episode 13.
    • When Ai is praying for Christmas to return so it can make others happy, Gatchmon reveals himself and assures her to "leave it to me".
  • Episode 14 starts with Haru, Eri, and Astra greeting the viewer a Happy New Year and thanking him or her for supporting the series.
  • Yuujin helping Offmon conquer his Superpowered Evil Side.
  • Episode 43: Rei finally gets Hajime back, but he's in the form of Sleepmon who will not wake up. After an unsuccessful attempt to wake him up; Rei just takes him home, looks after him, brings his brother around with him to places, spending time together, and makes eggs for him which he burns. The smell that Hajime used to tease Rei about is also what finally wakes him up from his slumber.
    Rei: Hajime. As long as I have you, that's enough for me. Good night, Hajime.
  • Episode 45:
    • The Reveal that the Agumon that appears in the episode was the Digimon that Haru chose as his partner in the Digimon Universe game back when they were kids. Once Agumon realizes Haruharuhuman and Haru were one and the same, them and Gatchmon start bonding and they promise to help save Agumon's friends in the game and to see each other again when the Monster of the Week is defeated. Towards the end of the episode, Haru even downloaded the Digimon app so Agumon's save data could move to his phone.
    • This episode got a lot of fan support in the entire fandom, many just for the interactions between Haru and Agumon and the Nostalgia Filter in general, including Brave Heart being played as an insert song.
  • While most of episode 48 is the exact opposite of heartwarming, by the end it definitely becomes this. Rei warns Eri and Astra that their lives will be in danger in the fight against Deusmon even with God Appmon, and that no one would judge them for running away. Both of them are very clearly scared, Astra even breaking character from his Apptuber persona, and their Appmons decide that they must fight to protect their Buddies, even if they have no chance to survive. This makes them get over their fears, and join hands with them for the hardest fight they've ever had, in a truly beautiful moment. Eri is moved by Bokumon declaring he will protect Eri's smile, and Eri resolves to protect the world as she is the center of the universe. Musimon touches Astra's heart by saying being with him has adding so much joy to his heart just because Astra was himself. Rei follows with his own, with Hajime pointing out he's learning how to make fried eggs as his brother does, and Rei telling him he will protect the world - because Hajime is in it. Hackmon outright tells him he can cry afterwards, and that the thorny path has always been their own, together. The whole moment is finished by them answering the same questions they did to become Applidrivers in the first place, but with far more resolve than before.
  • Episode 52:
    • Yuujin committing a Heroic Sacrifice by pressing the option of defeating Leviathan himself thus ending his own life instead of letting Haru do it since he can't bare to let his best friend make such a Sadistic Choice. What makes this even more heartwarming is that his bond with Haru is what allowed him to break off the hold Leviathan had on him.
    • How about that in the end that even though Yujin is gone. The Applidrivers and their buddies aren't separated and are still living and interacting with each other. This is a really nice contrast against the tradition that the tamers and their Digimon should get separated at the end of the series. Even Offmon is with them under Haru's care which is surely what Yuujin wanted.
    • The last scene of this series is Haru narrating about A.I.s and their free will and in the last shot we see someone walking to him with a familiar green and yellow shirt.

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