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Heartwarming / Diaries of a Madman

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  • The Christmas episode, where despite his reluctance, Nav still goes along with the rest of the crew's plan to bring Christmas to Ponyville.
  • Nav rescuing Taya from the streets of Catro.
  • Nav introducing Taya to Twilight:
    Navarone: Taya, this is Twilight. You can blame Twilight for me being here.
    Taya: (whispering) Thank you.
  • Nav admitting how proud he is to have Taya as his daughter to Bloodbeak, right in from of her.
  • Nav's final goodbye to his sister, after getting sent back through time.
  • Rainbow Dash's attempts to cheer Nav up after his Tomato in the Mirror moment.
  • After finding common ground, Nav and Princess Cadance become good friends. He even considers her "Best Princess" because she truly has his best interests at heart and has never tried to use him.
  • Taya's You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech to Nav, where she points out how he saved her out of the goodness of his heart.
  • Nav helping Rarity make connections in Canterlot, as well as protecting her from trumped up treason charges.
  • Rarity makes a dress for Nav's nobility ceremony. Words fail. Even Nav can't say anything except sputter a bit at how beautiful it is. Then we see the note.